Brave deserves to be secretly to its users

Brave (BAT) is one of the most successful newcomers in the browsers. This has focused the company on the privacy of the users. A few days ago, it suddenly came to a big scandal, as some users have found out that Brave the search request according to well-known stock exchanges and other crypto-eg relevant services (. Binance, Ledger, etc.) that have added Links with your own affiliate link automatically. Thus, Brave got every user who logged on to the desired platform in the end, and there money has implemented a Commission.

Let’s look briefly at what happened and how Brave to criticism from the Community has responded.

Brave Browser deserves secretly to its users

For the first Time, the scandal is blown by a Twitter user who has noticed that Brave in the search for “Binance.U.S.“ the first suggestion in the drop-down Menu with a private partner link has provided.

This Tweet sparked a veritable Shitstorm, since other users have been aware of and noticed that the auto-completion with the partner link of Brave, not only to ““ was limited, but also for Ledger, Trezor, Coinbase and co. was used.

Brave CEO responds to criticism

The Team of Brave has of course responded to it, and for their conduct in the Community excuse. The Brave CEO Brendan Eich said on the matter:

We have made a mistake, we correct it: Brave adds to the literal entry of “” in the address bar to partner code . We are (admittedly) a Binance Partner and guide Users through the optional Trading Widget on a new Tab page, but the Autocomplete should not add a Code.

The excuse of Brave was necessary but has not had the desired effect. Many users have already spoken out against the Browser, and the Boycott is called. You can see in the facts a systematic fraud on the honest users.

The Team said that this Problem already in the Open-Source Code on Github, as well as in all its versions, including the new Desktop Version v1.9.80 has been fixed. Taken literally, the toolbar is “Brave suggested pages in the auto-completion suggestions displayed” now default to ‘off’.

The Brave Team stresses that this Situation posed no danger to the privacy of the users, as no data have been sent about their identity to the Partner. Only the Brave self-identified by the partner mechanisms.

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The Community wants a Fork

Nevertheless, this Problem has already resulted in a user want to perform a Fork of the Good browser, and completely without advertising and without the BAT Token. You want acts use the opportunity to have a real Open-Source Browser users provide, which is managed by any company, which is profit-oriented.

The project is funded by donations and do not imply any “business-related characteristics”. Its developers say it will be just “a nice Open-Source Browser for the protection of privacy”.

Within a few days succeeded to the new project by the name of “Good Browser” to win 84 Contributer on Github, and over 450 Followers on Twitter for yourself.

The ASKED price has not let it intimidate you, and rose again in the last days neat. Apparently most are not interested in the facts of the case.

We are curious, whether can calm the situation around the Brave Browser in the next days and weeks, and whether or not the new Open-Source Browser will really get to the inlet. In the Crypto Space, it remains, as before, is always exciting. We will keep you up to date. Stay tuned.

We will respond to the ASKED price on the scandal? Can get the Fork against Brave?

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