Breaking: bitcoin price will shoot up by an oscillator, and increases by 6 per cent in the three-hour – Breaking News

The altcoins started today. A lot of green figures on the koerspagina’s. However, since the start of the afternoon, the allows bitcoin to do so. In a three hour period of time, it is bitcoin, with a 6 per cent increase!

Breakout from the trend line

In the last couple of days had a descending trend line as a resistance for the price of a single bitcoin. However, the trend line is finally broken. You can see in the chart below. In the space of a few hours has increased the price of a single bitcoin from the 7.400 for 7.900€. The home page of Breaking News is the bitcoin now has more than 8,000 euros well worth it!!

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On the way to no less than 8500 euros?

Each week, we will have two technical analysis methods. One on Tuesday and one on Friday. Because of the price and now so hard up to shoot, we would not remember it. Last Tuesday, predicted that the price up to the resistance level of 8,500 euros for. We are well on our way, but we’re not quite there yet. Below, you can see that the resistance at the top. In addition, it raises the price to the descending trend line (red). If we are out of there manage to escape, then the flag (ok, for the time being, anyway).

Bitcoin is on a major level

The chart below is weekniveau. The race is now on to an important point. In June of this area (the blue line), namely, a great resistance. They succeed in bitcoin for the week to close above this area? This is a good example. That’s a reversal of the downward trend of the past few weeks.

In this article, it is referred to as tracking. For a short while before a great battle. Friday read your, as always, for a more detailed technical analysis of the stock price. Don’t miss out on? Why not sign up to our email newsletter. Or, download our, free app, APPLICATION. Then you have the price in your pocket.

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