Breaking News: Bitcoin exchange UpBit hacked

The Korea-based Bitcoin exchange UpBit was today hacked night around 4:00. 13:06 of Korean time Ethereum to a value of about 50 million were stolen. This is the CEO of the Bitcoin exchange Lee Seok-Woo confirmed in a blog post. He also apologized for the inconvenience caused to its customers. All information for the current Hack you can find in this article.

Hacker came out of nowhere and in the bright of day

What is surprising is that the hackers operating in the stock market slammed shut and immediately 342.000 Ethereum from the Hot Wallets of the Bitcoin exchange to your own Wallet, transferred. This triggered a Whale Alert and UpBit took immediate counter-measures. A – and withdrawals were immediately stopped and all crypto the Bitcoin exchange currencies of the Hot wallet to Cold wallet transferred. UpBit would like to however, for tactical reasons, no further Details about the Hack known.You want to be one of the world’s leading CFD brokers act? We have for you in our Plus500 Test all of the knowledge about values is collected and written down, where here are the pros and cons are. Just have a look on the Test or see for yourself and join today at Plus500.

UpBit wants to compensate customers with their own assets

The CEO of UpBit insured in addition, to compensate for all the lost Ethereum by the assets of UpBit. To get rid of the hackers and their malicious software completely from the IT System of UpBit, the Bitcoin stock exchange up to two weeks. In this time, none can be A and payments made in order to avoid possible further losses.Here again the Whale Alert as a Link, and in the Screenshot:

How do you protect yourself against stock exchanges Hacks

The Problem with Bitcoin exchanges is well-known: they are similar to traditional banks are centralized. This means that the IT structures are vulnerable to hackers, even if the Cryptocurrencies, are decentralized. To protect the best option in front of yourself from such Hacks is a Hardware Wallet remains. You should let no Kryptos on the exchanges are but always on a Cold Storage warehouses. What exactly is a Hardware Wallet and how you use it, you can find out in this article.The case Upbit is a further proof of how unsafe it can be to store his Coins on the wrong Exchange, or to trust the wrong Exchange. If you need you want and a Partner they can trust to protect your page, here’s a tip for you: the Broker Plus500 is one of the Test winners in our Bitcoin exchanges comparison and can points to security and transparency.76.4% of all CFD retail investors lose money.How are you protecting yourself from Bitcoin exchanges Hacks? You are going to store your Kryptos on an Exchange or on Hardware Wallets? Come in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community. Subscribe to our News channel to not miss any News.
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