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Have been weeks moved to the crypto market. That is why today we bring you a summary of the main news of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

News of Bitcoin

Recently we experienced one of the most anticipated events in the crypto ecosystem: the Halving of Bitcoin. That event sparked a series of activities and actions on the criptomoneda. We will see the latest 3 most important:

Increases the positivity around the criptomoneda

The Halving of Bitcoin unleashed fury for weeks among the media, mainly because of the uncertainty that generated the event and its possible changes. Now, after the event, we returned to the calm and with it seems that it has increased the number of positive comments about Bitcoin on social networks. In particular, the news was communicated by CointTelegraph, a platform that communicated with the company the TIE. According to their CEO, Joshua Frank, feeling positive about Bitcoin is the highest that the company has ever recorded.

“The sentiment of Bitcoin (average of 30 days) is the highest that we have recorded from 2017. The average volumes of tweets for 30 days in Bitcoin are also at record highs of 2020,” wrote the company profile on Twitter.

The price of Bitcoin to $50,000 is not a far-fetched idea

Tuur demeester score, a major investor of Bitcoin and analyst, does not believe that we go back to see a Bitcoin valued below $6,000. In this sense, he assured that BTC might reach $50,000 in the future. Demeester score extended his optimistic view on Bitcoin in an interview published yesterday on the YouTube channel of the Messari. In this video, the analyst ensures that Bitcoin was back in a bull market. Interview with Tuur demeester score on YouTube by Messari demeester score, as other optimistic about Bitcoin, he stressed that the measures undertaken by the Federal Reserve of the united States will play a key role in the price of BTC. However, according to demeester score, the main role in the increase in the price of Bitcoin to range between $50,000 and $100,000 it will play the institutions.

What price of BTC stuck?

The crypto market is eager for Bitcoin to achieve jump the barrier of the $ 10,000, however, it seems that the price of Bitcoin has been trapped. In particular, as we pointed out in CriptoTendencia, it seems that Bitcoin is in a bullish trend but not with force sufficient to exceed the desired $10.000. However, as we noted in our analysis, charts and indicators seem to indicate that it maintains the upward trend. But, like everything in the crypto market, things can change from one second to another.

News of Ethereum

The news of Bitcoin and Ethereum are closely related. Let’s look at the three most prominent:

Leave BTC but hold ETH

Glassnode has compiled a series of data that show how the amount of Bitcoin (BTC) in the main crypto exchanges has decreased significantly. In specific, the percentage of BTC stored on crypto exchanges decentralized has been reduced by 14.1% to 12.5% From march, the amount of BTC stored by the crypto exchanges has been reduced by 11.5%. Nevertheless, on the contrary, the balances of Ethereum (ETH) have increased since march 2018. This increased has led to that almost 17% of the total supply of ETH is maintained in crypto exchanges, according to Glassnode.

Reddit throws rewards into Ethereum for Fortnite

A few days after its launch, “Community Ponits” based on Ethereum Reddit, has seen more than 10,000 addresses created. According to the release of the signature, the points can be used to purchase premium features, as well as to measure the reputation of users in the game. To participate, users must configure their wallets Blockchain incorporated in Reddit. In addition, they should make a backup of your private keys, or set a password to regain access to your wallet. In making this incorporation, Reddit introduced to 20 million new users to the criptomoneda.

“Reddit introduced around 20M of new users to the criptomoneda or to its own token in seconds. Adoption inevitable,” said CZ, CEO of Binance on Twitter.

J. K. Rowling jokes about her interest in Ethereum

As we previously informed in CriptoTendencia, the author of Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling unleashed the passion of your social networks on your comments on Bitcoin. However, it seems that it was entertaining for the writer since it does not stop there. He continued joking, to the seemingly reveal their loyalty to the competitor number 1 for Bitcoin: Ethereum.

“This is getting silly. I am not joining the community of Bitcoin. It should now be perfectly obvious that I’ve been trolleando to Bitcoin with the hope of increasing my important holdings of Ethereum,” wrote Rowling on her Twitter. However, do not get excited, in reality, Rowling jokes again. Tell us, what news of Bitcoin and Ethereum have impressed you most?

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