Breaking News of the week: promotion of scam with cryptocurrencies and advancement of BTC

Between the information-highlights of the week is the announcement of the venezuelan actor Fernando Carrillo, who said April 27 that he will leave aside his artistic career to devote himself full time to the promotion of the alleged draft criptomoneda, FF Token.Meanwhile, the main criptomoneda recorded this week, an average growth of over 17%. At the time of writing this article, BTC is priced in USD 9.122, as was reflected in the market price of Latin america and Spain, according to the price calculator of Breaking News.With Breaking News, interested parties can keep up to date on changes in the market prices of bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash and litecoin, with relation to your local currency. To do this, you can visit the section of the Market is Latin, which has a pricing calculator to perform conversions quickly and easily to your national currency.

These are the news highlights:

Quoted by digital media of Mexico, the country in which you reside today, the venezuelan actor Fernando Carrillo expressed support for FF Token. He explained that, in his opinion, the project has the potential and that, with time, will become the next bitcoin. The course criptoactivo is related to events of combat sports and reality show, known as the “Fight-to-Fame”, in which fans, in theory, can support the participants in acquiring the currency.A sudden increase in the price of bitcoin has made the criptomoneda to become the active for greater performance 2020, outpacing gold, silver and oil. In the past four months, the price of bitcoin has increased by nearly a third, despite the collapse of the market in march, which eliminated more than $ 4,000 of its value. In fact, BTC broke the barrier of us $ 8,000 per unit on 29 April, in what could be interpreted as a signal that the market for cryptocurrencies is upregulated to a few days occurs the third halving, or reduction, of the issuance of currency.May 1, the network of Bitcoin showed a state of congestion unusual. This raised the average fee for payment at levels that have not been seen in throughout the year. Something that is not usually welcome among the users of the main criptomoneda of the market. The commission per transaction average went up to $ 3,40. Throughout the year, we had not experienced these levels of average commission.The second fund of cryptocurrencies of Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) said that it had raised a total amount of USD 515 million, which is more than the initial target of USD 450 million for a second fund called “Crypto Fund II”, devoted to projects of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. This fact, it is more that USD 300 million was raised for the first equity investment fund in cryptocurrencies, which was launched in the summer of 2018.BitFlyer Europe recently published the results of its second index of confidence in the cryptocurrencies, a research which shows that the users of Spain and of several countries of Europe to rely increasingly on bitcoin. BitFlyer points out that despite the fact that this year’s survey was conducted at the height of the pandemic Covid-19, the confidence of european citizens in the cryptocurrencies increased by 3% in comparison with the 2019.If you want to know the meaning of several words from the terminology of the criptomundo, you can reference the extensive Glossary of Breaking News.

Collusion: Conspiracy, plot. In the world of cryptocurrencies, alludes to the possibility that participants of the network to act coordinately or plot to change the rules to your benefit. Keeps similarity with an attack of 51% percent.

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OpenBazaar is a platform for online marketing, based on the technology of accounting distributed, which aims to create a network of trade P2P decentralized and open source, using bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, without additional charges or restrictions of any kind.

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Jesus Perez is the founder of Sersan Systems, director of Digital Assets Institute, a company specializing in Algorithmic Trading and Crypto Plaza, a space dedicated to providing experiences in cryptocurrencies first-hand (in Spain). We will talk with him to market and DeFi.

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