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In today’s article it comes to Breezecoin, a digital currency that unites the real estate and travel sector with crypto-currencies. The construction company Breeze de Mar is since 60 years in 2. Generation and assigns Breezecoin the 4 stock exchanges listed on crypto-currency Breezecoin, or BRZE. This is since 2018 on the market, and in September 2019 was launched on international stock exchanges at the starting price of 16 cents.

The real scope of Breezecoin

By linking with the real world, differs Breezecoin of other crypto-currencies. The company Breeze de Mar builds, vacation properties, resulting in BRZE represents a real value. Through their sale, is the company profits, and distributes the monthly payments in Breezecoin to the Breezecoin-owner.

Currently, 2 projects are being built in Turkey, where they are located in the ski resort of Kartepe, with 122 villas in the holiday resort area Kumburgaz with 212 Apartments. The shell construction is already finished. The Annex live streams, you can watch Live during the construction of the objects. The total value of these two projects is approximately $ 80 million. More projects are planned, such as in Germany. So already at the beginning of 2021 will begin with the construction of a further property in Reith im Winkl. Similarly, 2021 real estate projects in the United States. Through other projects, the sum of the mortgage is increased, although the number of Coins remains the same. A clear Signal for a rate increase in the future.

With currently 4 office location, the company Breeze de Mar is a very clear step in the direction of internationalization. There is currently an office in Orlando, London, Istanbul and Berlin. Another follows, soon, in Austria.

Breezecoin Course

The price increased since the beginning of constant and reached within a few months of 62 cents per BRZE. The well-known crypto blog BTC-ECHO Breezecoin named on the 28. October 2019, with the sentence “the winners of The week are Breezecoin with more than 60 percent a week plus, as well as the Rif Token with 52 per cent.” for top Performer of the week.

As with many other crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin, is not lost on Breezecoin the corona crisis unscathed. The construction site in Istanbul to a standstill for several weeks and in General the market reacted very Bearish, which of course fell back to below 40 cents per BRZE. Since then, he seems to have the lower floor, and a renewed expansion seems likely. The sites have been running for some time and also the project in Germany is nearing its construction start.

Breezecoin Experience

The journey with Breezecoin began for the authors of cash info the beginning of 2019 in March. At a price of 16 cents and a purchase of a 10,000 Dollar Staking package on the page Breezecoin, each month is 6% staking rate of return.

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Secured Investment Packages

The staking packages are locked for 6 months and pay every 15 days with a return. Depending on which package you choose, you get between 1% and 8% per month. The thus obtained yields are freely available and can be traded on international stock exchanges.

As each package 10% for a Deposit guarantee in silver, Gold, real estate, and similar inflation-protected asset classes will be used, can be used to secure the packages to 100%. The settlement of the asset classes run by a Trustee. Alternatively, you can also purchase a Breezecoin Hybrid Package, so you can use the 10% for Deposit insurance for a real estate share in the Kartepe TimeShare project with a 6% yearly Kickback.

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