Brendan Blumer : “The stars have aligned to put the crypto in value for the next 24 months”

14 April 2020 by Antoine

By analyzing the financial dynamics of catastrophic, caused by the Covid-19, Brendan Blumer, the man who pulls the strings behind EOS, came out of his silence to post to turn his position is ultra-enthusiastic about the crypto-currency for the next few months. In his post, the CEO of believes that the world “will showcase” the crypto-currency before indicate to investors to cling to their chairs.

The stars align for the crypto

As many observers of the crypto-sphere before him, the boss of the spoke on his feeling in respect of the finance world today, providing a bright future for the crypto-currency.
In the Face of a stock market in collapse and a stream of exchange commercial and financial stagnant, Brendan Blumer is attached to the crypto-currency as a economic driver for the next few months.
In this perspective, the latter has stated on twitter that the time was digital currencies, adding that the “stars align” to set the value of the crypto-currency during the next two years.

A feeling shared by the analysts

The global economic recovery is likely to take a major turning point for investors of cryptos, in the sense that the projectors will turn on the technology alternative financial and digital soon.
In this case, Blumer explains that those who had secured their funds in cash have now fear of being stranded, and that, consequently, the priority will be to find the solution to the ” least-worst “, that is, the crypto-currency.
Commenting on this message, the former market analyst of Goldman Sachs has aligned itself with the position of Brendan following his previous statement predicting an “economic crisis of a generation” that will showcase the digital assets.
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