Brian Armstrong : “the privacy will be commonplace for the year 2020”

January 8, 2020 by Clementine

After having shared his review on the first decade in the industry crypto, Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, attempted to predict the future by predicting a prevalence of privacy on the crypto-market to the year 2020. The privacy features will become the standard of blockchains ” he says, and this, in spite of the reluctance of the regulators.

A natural transition that can be interpreted as the HTTPS internet

During its 10 years of activity, the Bitcoin has become an international one, in attempting to democratize a new form of finance digital. In the meantime, observers and regulators have jointly identified the challenges and difficulties of this technology before concluding that the concept of privacy was one of the blocking factors of the crypto-adoption.
Moreover, the features encrypted and confidential transactions are parameters which are very difficult in the political and administrative institutions for reasons of control, this is why many crypto projects have had their licences withdrawn in recent years.
For Brian Armstrong, the owner of Coinbase, the introduction of privacy features will be nevertheless inevitable for most of the blockchains. He explains in a blog post that it is a protocol similar to the Internet that is passed from http to https.

The enthronement of the anonymity already started

In accordance with the prediction of Brian Armstrong, crypto-platforms have already studied the privacy though the authorities see this option as a gateway for illegal activities.
In the case of large companies such as Blockstream, or Ethereum have chosen to pursue this path in order to attract a clientele that is hungry to secure their personal data.
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