BTC Futures with 100x volume of trade

In mid-September, the skepticism was still high, whether the Bakkt Bitcoin Futures will also encounter the expected response. The big money of the institutional investors come from? By now it is clear that Bakkt makes the cops hot. Because of the Bitcoin Futures exchange could increase daily trading volume since the beginning of September with a factor of 100x. So yesterday a whopping 5671 Bitcoin in the trading value of US $ 42 million. Bakkt bring in the next Bullrun?

Bakkt Bitcoin Futures with 100x since September

Admittedly, we have reported at the beginning of the Bakkt opening in September, about the Start of Bitcoin Futures sluggish delivery. In Parallel, we have said, however, that the launch of such a platform is always required to make an initial start-up time.And it is precisely this start-up time seems to be now end to. Since September, the daily trade could increase the volume of Bitcoin Futures to 100x. While in the beginning, volumes, days in the amount of 250,000 US dollars are traded per day, excelled Bakkt yesterday, with a trading volume of 42 million US dollars.

First and foremost, it is of course good news that Bakkt grows so strong. Because, obviously, the interest in Bitcoin is increasing, Futures permanently. Crypto analyst Alex Krüger sees the message is still to bullish. Because the number of actually, physically delivered Bitcoin is almost Zero. Thus, as Kruger, it is a lot more to ‘paper trading’ as to the actual delivery of BTC.

BTC options and Cash-Settled Futures in December

We say: Bakkt the Bitcoin Futures bullishes Momentum to build. This still continues to cheer, it holds two more aces up his Sleeve. So it is from the 09. December Bitcoin options. Futures and options are two very similar financial instruments. The difference is small but significant:The Bitcoin Casino with Fairness guarantee!Fair has been awarded as an innovative Startup several times, and thanks to the Blockchain technology, complete transparency. You secure today 100% Bonus on the first Deposit and 30 free Spins! Now to win!While Futures are legally binding, acquires an Investor in options a lot more, the purchase or sale law. So that means that an Investor must sell at the delivery date (=date of expiry of the contract) the Asset is not a direct buy/. Something striking words: Futures are firm and legally binding. Options are more flexible.

We now come to the second ACE, the Bakkt keeps up his Sleeve: the so-called Cash-Settled Futures. While the specificity of Bakkt was to confine only to physical Bitcoin Futures, this will change now. Also to 9. December will be launched in Singapore, the cash-based Futures.

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