BTC-indicator signals: Bitcoins boring price action will soon take a brutal end

Bitcoin has expanded its unprecedented sideways trading to continue and moves to 9.100 $.The crypto currency has done little to give investors insight into their medium-term prospects.In the decades-long history of Bitcoin, there have been only a few cases of this well-defined and long-lasting sideways trading.Every opportunity has meant that BTC could make a massive, trend-setting movement.

Bitcoin has detected an unusually high stability to 9.100$. In the last days and weeks has moved the Coin to this level around critical dynamics of a fight.

The consolidation phase of the crypto-currency has narrowed in the last few months, since it was previously traded between 9,000 and 10,000$.

The current range is about 9,000 up to 9300 USD is much smaller.

In each experiment, these limits are over – or undershooting, was of short duration.

Analysts note that Bitcoin will stop this Trend in the near future, probably to a violent end.

This is due to the fact that the “True Range Percentage” of Bitcoin has reached the lowest level in its entire history.

Bitcoins current consolidation breaks records

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at a price of 9.130 $. This corresponds approximately to the level at which it was traded in the last few days.

Both buyers and sellers have tried to put the tight Trading range has formed between $9,000 and $9.300, to be in force, but any movement above or below these limits was only temporary.

This has led to the Benchmark crypto-currency was one of the closest “True rank” in their history.

Mohit Sorout, a founding partner of Bitazu Capital, has recently tweeted about this incident and a Chart, which shows the unprecedented nature of the current consolidation phase of Bitcoin. He writes:

“This month is proving to be one of the lowest True Range in the entire ten-year price history of BTC”

Image courtesy of Mohit Sorout. Chart on trading view

BTC is in the short term, prior to the massive movement: Analyst

This sideways trading will be like a spring, the raising – and the longer that happens, the greater the subsequent move will be.

An Analyst writes that He expects that the current Trading Range of Bitcoin will resolve with a massive movement.

The Analyst with reference to the diagram below:

“BTC: The historical lack of volatility continues. We don’t get this Close without a large movement as a result. Enjoy the inevitable journey“

Image courtesy of Josh Olszewicz. Chart on trading view.

It is very likely that bitcoin is a reaction to the limits of his Macro-trading range at $9,000 and $10,000 and will ultimately be what gives traders and investors a sense of direction, in which direction the next Trend is.

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