BTC is rising up in February to 32%, according to the uncannily accurate Trader, the Bitcoins fall to $7.000 prophesied

After a stunning two weeks of 30-percent rally Bitcoin has finally started to cool off. In the past two days, the crypto-currency moved within a tight range of $350 between the resistance of $8.900 and the support of $8.550.
While some analysts believe that Bitcoin is back to bearish and back in the $7000 to the range or even below it does not fall, because it can span so far, to break through, it remains a scary accurate crypto-traders are of the opposite opinion.

Why BTC soon in the direction of $11.500 could rise: Top Analyst explains

Only a few analysts have said that Bitcoins recent price action so you can see exactly how “Dave the Wave”.
The pseudonymous Trader had claimed in mid-2019 BTC will fall to dozens of percent to the lowest level in the middle of 6,000-Dollar range – and then what happened months later. Mind you, he met his harrowing, while the majority of investors in bull and $ 20,000, and more expected.
According to its forecast, Dave said in mid-December that he did not expect the outbreak at the BTC at the beginning of 2020.
And now Dave is back. This Time, he says that Bitcoin is preparing to be higher to break out, as it has already happened. He refers to the graph below, which shows that BTC is traded in a clear upward trend.
According to his analysis, the price of the crypto-currency until the middle of February is likely to rise a further 32%, so on an $11,500 – and the only four weeks away.

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These walls, forecasts, and quoted Dave is a combination of factors:
Bitcoin broke recently about a descending channel that restricts the set of price promotions for more than six months, which is a big win for the bulls.Bitcoins rest on an $11,500 would begin a historical chart patterns to satisfy nThe weekly Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) trend higher again – to the changed Signal, which was to be seen in 2015/2016 than BTC from a bear market to a bull market.
Dave’s Belief that Bitcoin will move soon over $10,000, will of a other pseudonym, a Trader confirmed FilbFilb, published in October the chart below.
The analysis is based, among other things, on the Miner’s profitability, said Bitcoins sudden vertical rise to $10,000, and the subsequent decline to the low $6,000 of previously.
The same chart indicates that BTC will rise in January or February 2020 over $10,000 (ignore the “1. May 2020“Brand).

These data suggest that the Bitcoin price goes up

Not only technical indicators suggest that bitcoin is a return to a bullish state is imminent.
The end of the year 2019, we have been bombarded by analysts and managers throughout the industry formally with your crypto-predictions for 2020. Interestingly, there was, and is, the consensus is overwhelmingly bullish.
Fund Global Advisors, a Top of the stepped-market strategy and sector research firm based in New York, writes, for example, that it expected to be for BTC in the coming year from three fundamental reasons for a rally of over 100%:
Bitcoins halving In about four months, Bitcoin will experience the so-called “halving”, if the block reward of Bitcoin is halved. This leads effectively to a decrease in the inflation rate of the leading crypto-currency by 50%. Analysts (including the Fund entered) are convinced that this should lead to a supply shortage on the crypto currency market, which could drive the prices up dramatically.
Geopolitical risk: Many countries in the world are about possible geopolitical conflicts in concern. Fund came to believe that global conflicts BTC could drive in 2020 to the top.
The presidential elections of 2020: Unfortunately, the Fund has entered not explained why the upcoming presidential elections in the United States could be a boon for the Bitcoin market.

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