BTC-Manipulation regulation: a New poll shows the biggest Worry for the crypto-Community

The mood on the crypto markets so far this year is overwhelming bullish. According to a survey of the Bitcoin”Stock-to-Flow”-inventor PlanB could change quickly if the US action against the industry.

Afraid of the Minister of Finance

A currently from the industry analysts, “PlanB” survey would like to know of crypto-investors, what worries you the most about the short-term future of the crypto-scene.
At the time of writing, over 6,500 people have responded. More than 50% of them Express their concern about a “draconian crackdown” of the US financial Minister Steve Mnuchin expression.

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Craig Wright’s eternal claims are likely to go so slowly most of the nerve, however, the possible Futures Manipulation for about 30% of the respondents is an issue. But why the fear of Mnuchin?
In the last few weeks, has commented the Minister of Finance Mnuchin to Bitcoin and its siblings, but never positive. For Mainstream media such as Forbes, the course was an opportunity to create Clickbait FUD – but that was to be expected.
It cannot be denied that politicians and bankers are afraid of Bitcoin, all the more because their own economy is going down the drain. The FED feeds still liquidity in a malfunctioning banking system, which devalues the currency, and the household debt is at record heights.
It is clear that the concern is growing that Bitcoin and crypto-currencies to the Dollar could undermine – but the Central Bank seems to be made of good work.
According to reports, Mnuchin said in the last week before the Senate Finance Committee about crypto-currencies:

“We are in the process, some important new requirements in FinCEN introduce. We want to make sure that the technology is progressing, but on the other hand, we want to make sure that the crypto-currencies for the Equivalent of the old Swiss secret number-Bank accounts are used.“

He added that the new rules will be very clear in terms of improved transparency, so that the law enforcement authorities where the money goes and that it is not used for money laundering.

Sats collect

Rules and cryptographic clarity are in the United States is long overdue that remain in this respect, behind the Rest of the world. The General concern is that you will be using the Argument, “money laundering” for the control of decentralized digital assets.
Others remain optimistic, and added that “the more you fear Bitcoin, the more valuable he is, and the more you need it”.

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“It’s a buying signal. Swimming against the flow, collect faster than you, because you are going to buy.“

The only way that governments Bitcoin really can control is the purchase of huge quantities – which, of course, do wonders for the demand and the prices. And in the case of those already collected Sat (Sat=Satoshi, the smallest Bitcoin unit) have.

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