Bullish for Bitcoin: China wants to ban crypto-Mining to 2020 but

At the beginning of the year, the Chinese development and reform Commission (NDRC) revealed that it is considering the release of crypto-Mining on a list of prohibited industrial activities. Say: Actually, China’s crypto-Mining wanted to ban in the country. By this Plan they departed now, apparently.

Crypto-Mining industry is now safe in China

The future of the Chinese crypto-Mining industry for months, uncertain as the Council of state of the country reflects on the transposition of directives, which can displace the entire industry.
Already in April the Chinese National development and reform Commission (NDRC) published a draft of their “Industry Restructuring Catalog”, in the it is recommended to apply to put crypto-Mining on a list of industries, for the country strong restrictions.
It was only a draft, however, the proposal met in China on a lot of negative reactions. Many industry leaders argue that the list is the dominance of China in this area could damage. The country is not only home to some of the largest manufacturers of Mining accessories – including Bitmain, Canaan and Ebang, it also features some of the biggest Mining companies in the world.
However, the country of his crypto-Mining seems to have plans already abandoned, because the NDRC has released an updated Version of its guidelines. This to on 1. January enter into force in 2020, and the blade suddenly becomes more crypto-friendly.
Local media reports, under the Chinese state Council’s work has been deleted from the NDRC, the crypto-Mining from the list of industries that should be banned in the country. The catalog also includes detailed descriptions of what is meant by “Virtual Currency Mining” to.

Bitcoin Hashpower remains half in China

Officials of the NDRC explained the updated design today, Wednesday, at a press conference. According to the Commission, it received over 2,500 suggestions on how the various catalog design issues raised, deal with it. Most of them will “take into account”.
What exactly led to the decision by the NDRC, to delete the crypto-Mining, is unclear. Industry observers suspect, however, that the Commission is responding with the upgrade to the overwhelming pressure from the industry.
Important: Even if the Commission had not amended its draft Proposal, would not have been relegated to the crypto-Mining from the country. The proposal contains only guidelines and tips for the governments, you can jettison, such as the emerging industry of the country – and no binding prohibitions.
As the news about the possible “ban” the beginning of the year was known, argument, many argued that a ban could ultimately be for the industry and, in particular, for Bitcoin Mining of advantage. The centralization of Bitcoin mining was a sign-Problem – and the dethronement of China might have driven the much-needed decentralisation forward.
Finally, it is in the country to be the place for more than half of the bitcoin Hashpower responsible. The latest NDRC guidelines now show that the Bitcoin Mining in China remains a centralized, at least for the time being.

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