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There are some interesting weeks are behind Bitcoin.
First, the halving was there. Then, an early Miner in the year 2009, which was originally thought to be Satoshi Nakamoto, 50 Bitcoin, of which 10 Wallets were distributed, of which, allegedly, Coinbase is part of moving.
Recently, another early Bitcoin Miner from the year 2009/2010, the had access to BTC in the value of tens of millions of Bitcoin signed, a transaction, indicating that Satoshi still exists.
Some say that these events are a bad thing, because they show the old owner, of which it was believed that they have lost their Bitcoin, are still there. It is assumed that these owners want to sell BTC increases, this may be the supply of BTC on the market and the price expresses the equilibrium if the market demand remains constant.
A Top-of-the crypto-currency investor believes, however, that the recent activity is actually a positive sign.

Why is Bitcoin bullish

The owner of the Bitcoin in the value of tens of millions of units, wrote the following message with his private key:

“Craig Steven Wright is a liar and a fraud. He does not have the key used to Sign this message. The Lightning Network is a significant achievement. However, we must continue to work on the improvement of the On-Chain capacity. Unfortunately, the solution is not to change a constant in the Code, or to allow powerful participants to displace other. We are all Satoshi.“

Su Zhu, CIO of crypto and the exchange Fund of Three Arrows Capital, is of the opinion that this is actually bullish news for BTC. He refers to the middle part of the message: “The Lightning Network is a significant achievement”.
Su Zhu:

“It’s actually a bullish message, because it means that a BTC Miner believes since the earliest days of the still to the Bitcoin Roadmap and the direction of the Protocol”

BTC is the winner of the Hash-war

The BTC Support this early in the Miners is indicative of the Trend that BTC takes over the competing Forks.
The crypto-Asset Analyst at ARK investment, Yassine Elmandjra, writes that Bitcoin to Cash has suffered following its halving in April of this year, a sharp setback. BCH is basically so fundamentally weak, said Elmandjra, that he was surprised that the asset has “seen no large-scale attack”.
There are three leading factors that he adduces to support this claim:
The Hash Rate of the network of Bitcoin Cash is dropped since the halving to 30% (dramatically lower than that of BTC).The use of the network, measured in US dollars, is at a historic low.And it costs less than 10,000 dollars per hour to have the network of tires with a 51% attack suit.
Of course, BCH still not dead, but Elmandjra fears that the Fork could be short in front of it.

“Bitcoin is Satoshi’s Vision” has seen a similar fundamental weakness, such as On-Chain data to be suspect. BitInfo suggests that the Hash-Rate of BSV have fallen since the highs of the day, the halve, also by about 30 percent.

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