Bullish signals, but also a lot of resistance on the charts

By John from a More The (Bitcoin Consultant) On the graph of Bitcoin is that there is a the triple bottom the pattern to be seen. The course is a good increase, but it is also the various end-points.
There has been bullish news is needed as a catalyst to the share price on top of it to get it. Is the Bitwise ” ETF ” take care of it?

Bitcoin price weekly chart

The weekly chart shows that the stock price for a green candlestick to see it and hold it to the 100WMA (see figure 1). This is a very important and bullish. On the lower timeframes, there is more clear a triple bottom the pattern to be seen.
If, in the course of the 100WMA and the bottom has been found, there is still a lot of need for me to persuade you that this is really bullish is the.
There are still many resistances to overcome, such as the 26, 21, and 12 is the EMA’s. Also, the resistance of the descending triangle it must be broken, to be.
Figure 1: for The bearing, the 100WMA and the will of resistance of the points on the 26/21/12EMA’s.Anything under $10,000 is lower high and there’s nothing really exciting. A signal that the bears are exhausted and bulls are the stronger, is done in the direction of the 26EMA/21EMA in the range of $8.750 and $9,000 each.
It should not be forgotten that the price is still below the 200DMA (~$8.600) you can find.
If the price is under the 200DMA (see figure 2 below), and there will be rejected, it is likely that the 50WMA at around the $6.800 (this is not necessary.

Bitcoin price is in daily chart

On the daily chart (see figure 2, below), it is seen that there is potential for the existence of a the triple bottom model. This may be a change in the exchange rate would indicate.
This should be good to go, however, for the 12EMA to break in and out of the descending triangle that is made up of the black resistance line, and the 100WMA.
In addition to that, the 200DMA/$8.600 with a massive resistance that must be broken. The race is now on for nearly two weeks, under the 200DMA. In spite of the bullish action of the the triple bottom the rising RSI on the three bottom points, which makes me worry.
Figure 2: The price makes it a triple bottom and found resistance at 12EMA/$8.350.The volume yesterday was very good, but the price right now is coming up with a stop at the 12EMA. There will be a few hours to prove it.

Bitcoin 4-hour chart

In the 4 hours chart, (see figure 3, below), you can see that in the course of lower highs on the production. For the bulls, the stock price is above the 12 and 26EMA received, which is typically bullish, it is. They did not, however, a higher high to know how to produce it.
Indeed, there is a lower high (“LH”) was created. The exchange rate is, however, of the 12/26EMA’s. As long as they can keep it and we have a higher low, it is likely that the resistance will be broken. Bullish news in the form of an approval of a Bitwise INDEX would be a welcome relief for the bulls.
Figure 3: The share price has been bullish 12/26EMA end up, but it will also immediately end, and that makes a lower high.


The weekly chart shows that the stock price is still ok, and is it a good thing that the 100WMA is to be held. Another point of concern is the fact that the price for almost two weeks and below the 200DMA is. However, the longer it sits, the more difficult it is for the price.
Despite a number of bullish signs in the charts (such as the the triple bottom a pattern is a rising RSI), it won’t be easy to get through the 200DMA to be broken.
The 4hr chart looks to still be bullish because bulls 12/26EMA to keep. In a bullish piece of news for the bulls, they would, in any case, it will be of good help.

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