buy Binance Coin (BNB) with a cryptocurrency app, BOOM!

As of today, you can buy Binance Corner by the all-in-one cryptocurrency app GAME! However, what is Binance Coin is actually, and what can we do about it?

What is Binance Coin?

Binance Coin (known as BNB) is the coin in which cryptobeurs Binance to hear. The coin has been launched as a token of the Ethtereum network in July, 2017. When the Binance funds in order to grow to be the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. In a month’s time, there was a $ 15 million collected, according to the ICR’s Rating.

On april 1, 2019 at the latest state of Binance Coin on my own two feet, in the day, it is the Binance Chain mainnet launch. From then on, things went too fast in the race. On the 22nd of June 2019 and obtained the BNB, the highest price up to now, 39,42-dollar (33,72€).

Where you can buy Binance Coin be used for?

Buy Binance Coins in GAME, then there will be plenty to speculate with. The cryptocurrency is one of the top ten largest cryptomunten regard to market capitalization, according to the website Coinmarketcap. The value of BNB, is to be very flexible: on the 13th of march, the coin 7, the $ 5,98 euro, as well as, of now the total number is nearly $ 20 (17,13 eur). That’s an increase of more than 185 percent!

The coin also has the other applications when you use them on Binance. There is a 25% reduction in the trade costs, when your BNB is holding on Binance. In addition, it can be your BNB to use in order to participate in the Initial Exchange Offerings. A token is first issued on Binance, and the holding of the BNB, you have a sort of lottery ticket to get a free token to get it. Finally, the coin is also traded on the decentralized exchange (DEX) of the Binance.

What is the GAME?

BNB is now available on TABLET. This is the all-in-one cryptocurrency app to your smart phone. Trade at lightning speed in the most cryptomunten. Whether you’re in for a euro to buy, or thousands of euros, otherwise, you’re in control of your investment. And if you have your phone is lost? Not a problem, the only thing you can do is transfer the money to your bank account. Want to know more? Check out the web site of the APPLICATION.

Or, you can download the application directly to:

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