Buying bitcoin can’t be stopped by the law, according to john Yang, and

The Democratic nominee for president, Andrew Yang, said with a media outlet Bloomberg about the regulatory environment, and innovation around the cryptocurrency s. He said that the United States has a clear policy is needed. Also, he said that the laws and regulations and the people will not be able to prevent bitcoin to buy one.

Andrew Yang is about a crypto-law,

According to the American, to the US, set up all over the country, and that is where the industry is, ultimately, only you can take advantage of.
“We need to have a uniform set of rules and regulations for the country of use of the cryptocurrency. Because we are now stuck in a mish-mash of rules that vary from state to state, the rules are bad for everyone. It is bad for the innovators in this space, willing to invest in it.’

To know what is going on

He said that his priority would be if he was president. He wants to have clear and transparent rules are in place so that everyone in the future knows what is going on. The idea behind this is to get the US into this market is competitive and to keep up on a global scale.
Yang also said that he believes that blockchain, the underlying technology of cryptocurrency’s still a lot of potential for growth. You must, as a country, want to invest in.

Supervisors will be able to bitcoin, not stop it

He said something remarkable during the interview, namely, that the supervisors, the people would not be able to put a stop to bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to buy it.
“At the moment, people who want to invest in bitcoin and crypto’s as a way. I don’t think that the rules would interfere.’
One of the most distinctive features of bitcoin is that it is resistant to censorship, and it is completely peer-to-peer. In other words, there is no central authority like a government or a bank in order to carry out the transaction, and, therefore, they could not stop it or block it.
Even though Andrew Yang is the positive, it is about cryptocurrency, have been other candidates at times, not a word is spoken about the regulation of bitcoin. However, the current president, Donald Trump, however, that it is most definitely not a fan.

If this is the first time that you see a tweet, to see, to read, especially the comments by Caitlin Long.

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