By the beginning of 2023 is the bitcoin of 250,000 dollars, according to a prognosis of Draper – Breaking News

The average closing price of the Dow Jones decreased by 1.031,61 points, or 3,56%. In its 124-year history of the Dow, this is only the fourth time that this happens. Tim Draper, left, six months ago, the stock market has to have a lot of time on the bitcoin-to deposit. He is in his prediction that bitcoin is $ 250,000 was worth in the beginning of 2023.

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In an interview on CNBC, says Tim Draper of venture capital firm, Draper Associates, and that most of his assets are now in the computer there.

In the interview, Draper explains why he chose to have:

I have to admit that I am half a year out of the market for me. It felt so good to me, and I moved most of my assets into crypto and bitcoin. I think that this is a kind of safe haven, and I think that this fix might be more than that, but I think that we are in for an interesting ride ahead of us.

By the beginning of 2023 bitcoin is $ 250,000

In december of 2019 is predicted to Draper, the price of bitcoin could increase to 250,000 dollars, because the bitcoin block halving. Bitcoin seemed to be well on the road this year – $ 10,000 worth-to-be. However, the stock price has already adjusted to the current price of 9.560 dollars. Still, Draper optimistic:

I do think that bitcoin in 2022 or early 2023, $ 250,000 to where it is. Bitcoin is the currency of your choice.
That is because, in bitcoin, you have a choice. You can also choose to have banks of 2%, or 4%, to give it each and every time your credit card is used. Or would you rather have a currency that is easy to be open, transparent, global, and not bound? Against all political power?
At one point in time, the people who have to move, and then the bitcoin is the ultimate winner.

Draper believes that bitcoin is the currency of the future. He believes that the world is much better because bitcoin is decentralized it is.

Buffet at Draper

Also, Draper is confronted with an interview of Warren Buffett. The latter was very negative about bitcoin, and said that the cryptocurrency will not have value. Draper responded to this by looking at the portfolio of Buffett. Which consists primarily of interests in banks and insurance companies.

He sees it as a major threat to its business. The possession of more than 50% of the banks and insurance companies, and, therefore, it is clear that he is not a bitcoin will.
Anyone who has studied it will know that it is so much better than what we have now. These are the currencies that are related to the approval of parliament, I think, is just a relic of the past. You’ll feel as if you have drachmas and francs to hold.

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