Can LINK 2020 again increased 630% and BTC to outperform?

Most of our readers will probably have noticed that Bitcoin could have in the past year, a very solid Performance. With a share price increase of 87 percent of BTC common Assets, such as shares or ETFs could outperform significantly. Chainlink (LINK) was able to put on the whole however, the crown and laid in 2019, a price rally of 630 percent. It creates Chainlink therefore, again this year, BTC outzuperformen?
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Chainlink with renewed Outperformance? – 630% in 2019

Bitcoin started this year at a price of 7200 dollars. According to the global unrest of the past few days (keyword: Iran and the United States) increased the BTC rate to the current level of 8150 USD. In order for Bitcoin from today’s perspective, is approximately 13 per cent above the market value at the beginning of the year. Other indicators suggest that the ‘driving force BTC’ in the year 2020 will ensure a massive steam in the market.
While Bitcoin winners was also one of 2019 to the Top, there was the one or the other crypto-currency, performed in the shadow of BTC, even better. An example of this is Chainlink (LINK). The ERC-20 tokens gained in the past year, from the beginning of $ 0.29, up to 1,82 dollars by the end of 2019. Also this year, managed to get Chainlink already to bring some “PS”.

As we can easily see, to put the Chainlink rate in this year alone, from 1.77 USD to 2.19 dollars and brought in the investors exchange-rate increases in the amount of 24 percent.

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FOMO, China-interest and Google as a price driver

First of all: increases in the price of a crypto currency need not always follow rational mechanisms. Often there is no fundamental explanation to a price increase; much more there are FOMO, increased interest, or a General Hype that drive the price of a certain Altcoins, such as Chainlink to the top.
In the case of Chainlink, the above-mentioned factors (both in the past, as well as in this year). So, the interest of Chainlink rises against, especially in Asia, and China. Other factors the cooperation of Chainlink developers with Binance are to bring new decentralized financial products on the market. Also the fact that Google uses Chainlink has made in the past year, for a downright Hype.
Simon Peter, who works as a Bitcoin and Crypto-Analyst at eToro, has spoken in a recent Statement about this phenomenon:

The latest headlines and news around Chainlink (collaboration with SWIFT and Google) have driven the expectations of the potential of the platform to the top. This of course has led to investors Link to buy tokens, because they speculate on the future success of the platform. Another factor here is the FOMO phenomenon that has gripped many investors in addition.

Chainlink is in comparison to Bitcoin is a very young project. Even if it has, to date, even less substance offers Chainlink for risk-savvy investors probably a good complement for’s Portfolio. Who referred to himself more as a speculator than as an Investor, likes to drive in this year, with Chainlink.
Chainlink has the potential Bitcoin outzuperformen? – What do you think about the Token?
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