Candidacy of Kanye West about to Bitcoin in the White House

Has emerged a new contender in the race for the presidency of the united States, it is the friend of Bitcoin, Kanye West. The rapper and member of the empire, Kardashian chose the celebration of the Independence Day of his country to announce his candidacy.

With the upcoming elections just four months away, the singer and music producer shared his plans through their accounts in social networks, noting: “we must Now carry out the promise of the united States of trust in God, uniting our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the united States”.

A few hours after the announcement of the West, social networks have been full of reactions, including the community of cryptocurrencies. Twitter has reflotado an interview broadcast in 2018, in which the rapper shared his positive views on Bitcoin.

At that time, West stated that the design of the $ 20 bill dedicated to the abolitionist and black activist Harriet Tubman reminded of slavery. “That was the moment that I wanted to use Bitcoin, when I saw Harriet Tubman on a $ 20 bill”.

The referral ticket is part of a project of law that should be fleshed out a reality in 2020, but that will be delayed, in particular until 2028, as was recently announced by the administration of Donald Trump.

From the interview of 2018, has not been known any other manifestation of the West on Bitcoin, so that it is not clear if their stance on the cryptocurrencies remains the same. It is also not clear if the artist has true intentions of running for the nomination since I would need to register with the Federal Elections Commission, to submit a platform and campaign to collect enough signatures to join the ballot in November, among other requirements to which u.s. law requires for a bid formal.

In 2018, Kim Kardashian, wife of Kanye West posted a post on Instagram where he said: “We move to Bitcoin”. Kim bet chips physical bitcoin in a poker night during a fund-raiser to benefit. Source: KimKardashian/Instagram

The Kanye Coin is underway

The founder of Cardano Charles Hoskinson, announced at its recent session of the AMA, published on Youtube that both he and the company IOHK, will support the candidacy of Kanye West with the development of a currency, and for each vote Kanye receive during the elections, will be issued a tab. “This can be a good object of a collection, and distribute it proportionately to all owners of the ADA,” he added.

Hoskinson also said that it will do the same with Brock Pierce, co-founder of the Alliance EOS, who also announced that they will present to the president of the united States as an independent. To do this, he pointed out that you need an oracle to transfer the election results to the blockchain of Cardano, as well as a market prediction. Scheduled to launch for the day of the election that is scheduled for Tuesday November 3, 2020.

It is noted that in the past there was a project called Coinye West. It was a criptomoneda which would be launched in the year 2014, but was abandoned after its founders were involved in a lawsuit for illegal use of the image of the rapper Kanye West, according to Wikipedia.

In response to the legal threats, the team behind the project changed the name to “Coinye”, eliminating any reference to the artist. The official site of Coinye was replaced by a text that read, “Coinye is dead”. You win, Kanye.” This site is now fallen.

In the past there were also other u.s. presidential candidates who claimed to be friendly with Bitcoin. As outlined Breaking News in the 2015 John McAfee founder of a company dedicated to the security technology with headquarters in California, at that time, a believer of Bitcoin, he ran for the presidency of the united States, and even accepted donations in bitcoins through BitPay to financially support his campaign.

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