Cardano (ADA): A Very Optimistic and Growth-Oriented 2018 Roadmap

Cardano (ADA): A Very Optimistic and Growth-Oriented 2018 Roadmap Update

JAPAN – Cardano (ADA) will be busy for the rest of the year as they will be working on accomplishing numerous projects that are already in their pipeline according to their 2018 roadmap.

One of their projects is updating the “Paper Wallet.” Once this project has been introduced, this project will work on protecting offline storage of ADA coins. The feature enables not only transaction but also keeping ADA coins off the grid for long period of time. The user can use the printable certificate that is associated with the address of their wallet to send funds to it. This project recently recorded 33% in their progress report.

Cardano (ADA) is also looking to move from Byron phase to the Shelly phase which is more decentralized. It is a known fact that decentralization is a key feature for triumph in the crypto space. People are expecting to see the result at the end of this year.

Another amazing project they are working on is the IELE. It is a virtual machine with universal language structure that will be used for translation and execution of a smart contract on their platform. The idea behind IELE is to dissolve any limitations and pay only what you consumed. According to Cardano Project Roadmap, this project is halfway completed.

Since the Daedalus release, the main focus was with two famous platforms, Mac and Windows, and Linux OS was brushed in the corner. Cardano took note of this and has released a beta version for Linux. They are continuously testing Daedalus Wallet running on Linux, and they even made it public where the Cardano community can join. The “option to fetch updates” feature will be made available in Linux version. However, they need to install it manually.

Though they seem to have a fruitful year ahead, this does not reflect on their pricing yet. They closed first quarter at $0.14 which is far from $1 they had at the beginning of the year. If Cardano (ADA) managed to execute their projects in the pipeline successfully, it wouldn’t be a surprise if their price ends up in a good ranking at the end of this 2018.

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