Cardano (ADA) has launched the latest upgrade of its Cardano Haskell

Cardano (ADA), one of the projects of the Blockchain the most requested at the present time, is developing at great speed. Knowing that he is working on the Ouroboros Hydra, the new algorithm of consensus proof of participation (Sop) with a capacity of handling 1000 transactions per second, the Cardano Haskell will soon be an upgrade.

The improvements are linked

The news was announced by Charles Hoskinson in person, which is none other than the CEO of IOHK, via his twitter account. Note that IOHK is the company of research and development that supports the project Cardano.
Notifying the online Cardano Haskell Node 1.8.0., Hoskinson explains in detail the many improvements made to the node, in particular as regards the security, robustness, and bug fixes.
The Cardano Haskell Node 1.8.0. has another characteristic, that is its performance to solve the problems related to the implementation of Haskell. The most common of them would be failures in the management of resources, the steps to restore a duplicate transaction, the consistency of the volume of transaction with the programming language used, or even the security updates of the protocol.
In addition, the team has enhanced the protocol with new features, namely the ” CLI commands get-tip, pretty-print-cbor and validate-cbor (# 591, # 545, # 637) and the command version-added CLI (# 593. # 630) “.

A success for the network Cardano

The team Cardano can only welcome this new exploit, because this version 1.8.0 of Haskell demonstrates a clear traceability on its network, as well as a system of error reporting more accurate.
Has just announced the new update of Cardano on Haskell, has already provoked the enthusiasm of the supporters of the project.
What do you think of the implementation of the Cardano Haskell Node 1.8.0. ? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.
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