Cardano before the breakthrough? – Why the next few months for ADA to be wild

Charles Hoskinson represents like no other Person in the crypto space, the project Cardano and its associated crypto-currency ADA. In the last few weeks and months, the project has seen great progress: regular announcements about new partnerships, as well as the (largely) stringent technical implementation of the Roadmap could then also the ADA rate to rise.
Hoskinson, who is a friend of clear language, called Cardano well as an iceberg and said that the next few months ‘in the wild’. What is behind this statement?

Hoskinson and Cardano: The months will be wild

We refer to the current statements to a Tweet from the 22. February. In it Charles Hoskinson said that the project Cardano was like an iceberg. You see only the surface. But what lies underneath is solid. Thus, Hoskinson says that Cardano had one or the other ‘ACE in the hole’. For this reason, he’s also assume that the next months would be wild.

We now take this short retrospective: What could move Cardano in the last few weeks and months? How realistic are the chances that it will continue to run well for the project?

Of the EU-partnership on Georgia to PwC

In the past few weeks, Cardano was able to achieve important milestones. This applies in particular to the practical view of things – specifically, this means: partnerships, partnerships, and, again, partnerships. As for the long-term success of a project requires not only a solid technical base, but also sufficient in substance. And for this, partnerships and collaborations include.
The Cardano is now also able to generate positive attention and bünndeln interest, it could show in the past: because of the European Union through the state of Georgia, and to the cooperation with PwC. Cardano’s serious. Since the past is not the future, we look at the current Status-Quo of the project:

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The Shelley Era is approaching: OBFT implemented

In addition to the partnerships and collaborations that could also be an important technical milestone achieved. Because 4 days ago Hoskinson, via Twitter, announced that the specially of Cardano developed a consensus mechanism has been implemented with the name “Ouroboros Byzantine Fault Tolerance” is now successful.

Both the driving force behind the technical (Further)development of Cardano, namely, IOHK, as well as Cardano himself, this is an important progress. Because, simply put, marks the implementation of the OBFT-consensus mechanism for the Transition to Shelley. And this Transition brings, in turn, Cardano closer in the direction of a decentralized, proof-of-stake Blockchain.
Conclusion: The coming months are likely to be for Cardano, in fact, ‘wild’. Because both technically, as well as from the perspective of the partnerships, it runs well. The ADA rate recorded a similarly strong growth this year. If Charles Hoskinson manage to conjure up the one or other Surprise from the iceberg, will be happy to see investors continue.
Charles Hoskinson has with his statements right? This year will be wild and may have the potential for success on the ADA course?
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