Cardano prepares for the update Goguen

To complete the launch of its next update, named Goguen, Cardano published a document in which it explains in detail the new performance contracts smart for this update.

Based on the intelligent contracts

Goguen will be faithful to the process usually adopted in Cardano, in particular for the stages of the development cycle. In this sense, it corresponds to a specific objective, which is the improvement of the performance of intelligent contracts.
In order to deploy more power in the contracts to smartphones, researchers at Cardano have introduced mechanisms that can split the execution of a contract in a number of transactions in the model UTXO.
And regardless of the number of results and their specific amounts, the essential in this new approach is that the total value of outputs is equal to that of the inputs. The accuracy of the calculations will be guaranteed by validators cryptos that, in the case of Bitcoin, exploit the user’s private key to create a verifiable signature.

Both updates are currently in progress

Another update had already preceded Goguen, named Shelley. Unlike Goguen, which focuses on the intelligent contracts, Shelley was on she concentrated on the staking.
The functionality Shelley has been launched on the testnet Cardano in the month of December of the last year, while its output on the main network should be in the first quarter of this year. Apparently, the team of Cardano would always be working on improving the test network Shelley.
Charles Hoskinson, CEO of the IOHK, had already been mentioned in this connection that Shelley and Goguen will be placed on the market by the end of the year on the main network.
It was also revealed that the IOHK focuses its efforts to refine its estimates in order to limit as much as can be the delays that tarnish currently the reputation of the project.
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