Cardano Stroke Of Genius In 2020? – Hoskinson sees 1 billion users

Charles Hoskinson has it create in the past few weeks, right Hype to Cardano made a rule. According to his statement to 2020 will unleash the year in which Cardano the ‘Beast’. After the Shelly Testnet shock already on the width of the positive resonance, the expectation is for the coming year.Hoskinson-fired this high expectation now. As part of an Ask me Anything (AMA) said Hoskison, that they have planned for the coming year, a gigantic PR-action, and Cardano in the future should have 1 billion users.

Has Cardano planned to be a stroke of genius for 2020?

If I call the name ‘McCann’, rings a bell, it is likely for anyone (if it is, write it in the comments). Behind McCann a global Promo and creative Agency with clients from all over the world is hidden. McCann has, in the past, campaigns and commercials for companies such as Aldi, Coca-Cola, Cisco, DPD, MasterCard, Microsoft, Nespresso, Opel, Maybelline, Sagrotan, Siemens, and many promotional and more.In the framework of the AMA Hoskinson betrayed now that he has met with McCann to launch a huge PR campaign for Cardano.

Now we focus tell us the Story. I met with the Marketing company McCann. They work together, for example, with Microsoft, Coca-Cola and all these big companies.

So much for the quality and Reputation of McCann. In the next year, it will then go on to Cardano and the outer effect.

And now we will tell the story of Cardano. We prepare for a major renewal of the ‘Brand Cardano’ and a huge Marketing Move in 2020.

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Hoskinson 1 billion users in a view

Even if it is formulated from today’s perspective, probably (positive) extremely ambitious may sound, you can imagine Hoskinson, that Cardano could in the future have 1 billion users. So he said:

Now it will tell the time in the world, why all of these things (=crypto-currencies) are great, and why it has taken so long to develop this. We need to tell the world why we think that we are the best crypto currency on the planet, and the number 1 are. I’m definitely not ’tired‘, if Cardano occupies only the rear seats. We have created Cardano, in order to be a global financial system, and it is about damn time that it is used. And if we do, then we should also get a billion users.

Here I have stored you also the full AMA Video. Who takes a Cup of coffee and 60 minutes of time, should be well prepared. A Lot Of Fun!Exaggerates IOHK-founder Hoskinson with his statements to Cardano, or if he hits the nail on the head?Come in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community. Subscribe to our News channel to not miss any News. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

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