Cardano will face a setback the next month, according to Charles Hoskinson

Knowing that Cardano is one of the best platforms for decentralised working in the transfers of programmable values in a secure way and flexible, she is currently considerable emphasis on programs based on the programming language Haskell.

Technical details to correct

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Cardano pointed out the necessity of implementing the algorithm of consensus for a hard fork in the near future, whose purpose would be to upgrade its platform and that minors could respond to a minimum of consensus required by Ouroboros (OBFT).
In this perspective, Hoskinson has ensured the effectiveness of this approach in a recent livestream, so that in mid-February, the resolution of the failure of Ouroboros will be done. In addition, he added that his partners had frequently “what ifs” on the subject and expects that the upgrade of the algorithm of a consensus of Cardano is performed in the month of February.

“It seems that February – with a degree of certainty high enough – we are going to make the hard fork OBFT. We just want to ensure that all infrastructure is aligned to that, but the infrastructure seems pretty good, so in mid-February, we expect a hard fork OBFT “, he concluded.

A steely determination

In addition, the decentralized management of Cardano allows it to evolve in time. The last quarter seems to be busy according to Hoskinson, which was marked by the launch of a new network test last month. The securing of the nodes is without doubt the result of this reform.
This year will, in all hope, remarkable for Cardano and the speed of the game it has created more partnerships.
For information, the main business line of Cardano, Emurgo, recently set up a working group on the Blockchain with the national Agency of project management (NAPM) under the leadership of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
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