Catalonia announced the development of a platform identity based on Blockchain – Breaking News

According to a press release on Monday, the IdentiCAT project was announced by Jordi Puigneró, minister of Digital Policy and Public Administration, as part of the ministry’s primary objectives, to “qualify and digitally empower the citizens of Catalan to be able to carry out activities with the full assurance and security in the digital society of the TWENTY-first century”. It was announced that with this technology, citizens are the owners, managers and custodians that are unique to your identity in any personal activity of digital relationship, with either the public sector or the private. The platform IdentiCAT will be based on the Technology of Accounting Distributed (DLT), where the government of Catalonia will act as the validator of the network. The citizen, through a specific software on your mobile phone, or other computing device that you want to, you can generate and manage its own identity, with total legal validity, and privacy. This implies a change of paradigm with respect to models of digital identity, existing up to now, because the administration happens to have only a role of validator of the technology, and the citizenry happens to be the station, and manager of his own identity. They knew besides that, IdentiCAT will be developed within the parameters of the laws eIDAS of the European Union established in 2014 on the identification and electronic trust services for electronic transactions. In this way, the users of IdentiCAT will be able to access online services and conduct electronic transactions in any member State of the European Union, as is mentioned in the press release. The government stated that: “The IdentiCAT will be the first digital identity at the european level, which will be driven by the public and managed by the citizens themselves with the aim of becoming a standard use in Catalonia”. The self-sovereign system, the government says that it will make use of applications on mobile devices or computers to allow citizens to “build and manage their own identities, with full legal effectiveness and privacy”. As an example, a user can use the system identification to verify that you are of legal age without having to provide the date or place of birth. Once that is finished the development, IdentiCAT will be deployed and distributed to be used by the Catalan citizens, public organizations and companies. The following two tabs change content below. Advocate, enthusiast of new technologies, believing that Blockchain and Bitcoin will bring development to the mankind.

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