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Bitcoin Magazine EN shows love to the Dutch vloggers that are in a fun and easy way to cryptocurrencies and the blockchain to a wider audience, to bring.
We are also very appreciative of the approach of the Fomoflash, that is, in each and every episode of the price of a single bitcoin (BTC), deals and other interesting news about new technologies, mass adoption, and emerging altcoins.

The high-strung expectations about the bitcoin futures platform with Bakkt have a last week led to the prijsdip of bitcoin (BTC). Claiming to be a senior analyst from investment bank JP Morgan, for which the national Fund message.
Analyst Peter Brandt: “bitcoin (BTC) price, first to $5.500 to $50,000 for”
– Ripple to leave Iceland cryptobedrijf Algrim for wider adoption XRP
– Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, on 30 september announced that the 30-handelsparen to delete it from the exchange.

Profile Fomoflash

“Hey, you there!!! My name is D. Fomoflash, and I am, like so many others, in december 2017, to get into the world of the cryptovaluta. In just a few months, I’ve learned a lot, and as a newbie, I am at the time, lost a lot of money by investing in the wrong projects. But I got the hang of it and managed to get to where I needed to pay attention to, and therefore also the right choice to make.
In other words, during a relatively short period of time, I learned a great deal about the computer. This is why I started creating vlogs about my experiences in this world!
On my channel Fomoflash, I want my knowledge to share with you, and I will keep you updated on all the latest news, tips and trends in the world of cryptocurrency.

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Jeremiah Faber

Jeremiah Faber

Jeremiah is an explorer by heart – both in the physical and the digital realm. A traveler, Jeremiah continues to visit new places throughout the year in the physical world, while in the digital realm has been instrumental in a number of Kickstarter projects. Technology attracts Jeremiah and through his business acumen has gained financial profits as well as fame in his business niche.

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