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In a press conference last Tuesday said the minister of Hugo, the Young, and for the first time, an app that can measure whether or not you are in the neighborhood of a person who is infected with the corona virus. But how do you make sure that your personal privacy is guaranteed and with such an app?

Corona virus causes the digitisation

Due to the outbreak of the corona virus, the world is more digitized than it already was. After all, anyone who works in the distance. There are programs and applications that need to be used. The documents can also be digitally signed, but you have to prove the need that you have. In this case, a digital ID is a must.
With more than 1.6 million confirmed cases in the spread of the corona virus is very fast. According to Jacob, Nordangård, phd student at Linköping University in Sweden, shows that the world is a fast response is required. In a blog post on the 6th of april, he said the following:
“The COVID19 outbreak, with all its tragic consequences, was the perfect trigger to let the world see that there is a need for global co-ordination and management of the planet, as well as the need for a technology and supervisory regime for all people and all diseases, and global value chains), to monitor”

Tech to develop apps

Applications, such as Hugo Young suggests, are now, by the tech world has been developed. According to the data of are now going to be 60 in a variety of applications around the world. There are several ways to be measured. Some of the apps which use Bluetooth and other apps are a lot less very good for privacy.
According to Bill Gates, it is almost inevitable that everyone, if an app is going to use it. In a TED Talk last month, he said: “in the end, there will be the use of digital certificates exist to prove whether someone has recovered or has been recently tested for, and whether or not someone has a vaccine or not.”

This Is a good development.

If an app with the corona virus can be spread, what are we to put on? That is, on the one hand, it is certainly true that, on the other hand, it can be an app, a the government a lot of power. Consider, for example, in China.
The Chinese government is working with the social credit system, is a way for residents to be assessed on the basis of their behaviour. A little bit like a Black Mirror episode, but in real life. And that can have unpleasant consequences. A journalist in the film, for example, in a train. For the non-payment of your one-way ticket is offered for a lower score, and thus, a lower score may be, for example, you are not in the train.

Let’s just hope that it is in the Netherlands not so far.

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