CEDEX Pre-sale Earns $20 Million in Just 4 Hours

PARIS – Courrier d’Enterprise a Distribution EXceptionelle (CEDEX), a blockchain-based diamond exchange, has achieved remarkable success since the platform released their token pre-sale last March 16.

The reason why this diamond trading company offers tokens to their investors is that they want to make the trading process more accessible.

Courrier d’Enterprise a Distribution EXceptionelle solves problems related to diamond trading, thanks to machine learning (ML). It is a type of technology that indicates the gem’s value based on several factors.

It also sets the values higher for transparent and standardized pricing of diamonds. This allows the investors to do trading in this field regardless of their expertise.

This is why this platform earned a whopping $20 million in just 4 hours. The platform has sold more than 26 million tokens in only 4 days – more than 50% of their available stocks. This impressive sale is an excellent beginning to their ICO venture.

Interested investors can still contribute after they sign up because the pre-order phase is about to end in less than 25 days. They added 25 million coins to their stock so that more investors could get this digital currency.

However, investors must act quickly because this pre-order promo offers a “first come first serve” service. This means that early bird investors included in the whitelist will have early access to the coin order.

They will also have the chance to buy more coins as opposed to those who have not signed up yet.

CEDEX tokens are ERC20-compatible coins essential for the diamond investment. This currency serves as a medium of exchange that can be used for this trade. Investors can now buy diamonds using this digital money.

Blockchain technology will also tokenize the diamonds. This means that investors will get an in-depth trade history, ownership, and gem composite details if they purchase diamonds on this trading platform.

Investors are able to contribute to Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other conventional authorized currencies for the sake of inclusivity. Additionally, investors can get 900 coins and access to this developing diamond ecosystem.

Meanwhile, interested stockholders can still get the usual token sale. Unlike the pre-order CEDEX coin purchase, this one requires no minimum contribution.

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