Censorship of YouTube channels associated to cryptocurrencies is becoming more and more evident

An analysis made by Luke Fitzpatrick, researcher of issues related to criptoonedas and blockchain, that shows that the actions of Google are affecting the YouTube channels related to Bitcoin. As explained by Fitzpatrick, Google will launch an update of its algorithm, central in may. Since YouTube belongs to Google, the traffic of the youtubers that focus on Bitcoin has decreased. Fitzpatrick mentioned that the censorship is not limited to the users of YouTube; the news media about cryptocurrencies have also been affected. Carl Martin Runefelt, Youtuber and founder of The Moon AB, has suffered due to the increasing censorship of YouTube, the cryptocurrencies. In addition, as is known in the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies videos and even channels of various youtubers have been deleted due to this same situation. Runeleft said to a news media:

This latest development with regard to the censorship of YouTube against videos of bitcoin is very alarming. YouTube is now clearly limiting the scope of my videos when I put the word bitcoin in the title. Never seen this on my channel, and now it is happening to all the youtubers larger in the space of bitcoin simultaneously on the last few days. After three hours of uploading the video, all of a sudden the views fall into a 90% and you can not see in the search results. In addition, some of my 100,000 subscribers have been informed that the no longer recommend my videos. Carl Martin Runefelt, YouTuber and founder of The Moon AB.

The “censorship in the shadows” of Youtube is evident

The methodology used by YouTube to make “censorship in the shadows” is to apply strikes and warnings to users. Breaking News has been reported how to users as they are on Tech, Pro Blockchain, Chris Dunn, Crypto Beadles and Altcoin Daily, and Tone Vays have been affected in this way. A channel under censure may not reach the maximum number of visits. Source: MM Crypto. The censorship in the shadows occurs when a platform tries to play down visualizations to a fact or event in a discreet way. For example, in Twitter has been the case that they hide the hashtags more popular on sensitive topics. In the case of YouTube, put in practice this methodology by applying sanctions to users who talk about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Christopher Jaszczynski, technical analyst, chain, speaker, and Youtuber, said:

I noticed that in June and December of 2019 the purge of YouTube was happening through strikes, which prevented us from uploading our videos of technical analysis of bitcoin. However, the “prohibition of the shadows” is more of an approach to stealth. Limits the scope of the YouTube videos and, as a result, this significantly decreases the amount of visits we receive. Christopher Jaszczynski, Youtuber.

The situation has caused the accounts of youtubers of cryptocurrencies are temporarily suspended. There have also been cases in which the platform removed videos that talks about Bitcoin. Given the current situation. the community bitcoiner has insisted on finding a viable way to avoid the censorship applied by YouTube.

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