Central banks: Bitcoins biggest allies – analysis

For most of the rise of Bitcoin from one of insignificance to explain one of the most valuable assets in the world. After all, this has been in its beginnings, practically given away, as he has for many years traded under a Dollar.
A new analysis has one of the possible Trends behind the movement of the BTC are shown. And this analysis suggests that the crypto-currency is likely to be shortly before their biggest rally, which will cause the Bitcoin exchange rate over the previous all-time high – $ 20,000 and beyond.

Central banks could prove to be the greatest ally of Bitcoin

Although it is unlikely that the Central banks of Bitcoin will ever buy directly, how do you do it with bonds and other asset classes, could benefit the crypto-currency from these centralized monetary authorities are strong, so new analyses. Teddy Vallee – founder and CEO of Pervalle Global, a global Macro hedge Fund recently published the graphic below.

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Although the Investor was reluctant to refer to the chart than perfect, he explained that there is a potential correlation between the total amount of assets of the Central banks of the world (Federal Reserve, Bank of Japan, etc.) and the value of Bitcoin on a logarithmic scale.
To plunge, as, for example, the balance sheets of Central banks at the beginning of 2018 began, crashed the crypto-market. This did not happen on the same day, but the tips are in the long term, in a row.

Why is it so today?

Now, since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, the Central banks are in the fast passed and have printed trillions of dollars to stabilize the economy. Alone, the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve, has increased in the last two months to 2 trillion dollars.
The Trend that is shown in the graph, means that Bitcoin will exceed in the coming years will most likely be an all-time high of more than $ 20,000, as the value of Central Bank balance sheets will reach its last peak, when the crypto-market has reached its peak.
Kevin Kelly, the co-founder of the crypto-Research firm Delphi Digital, amplified the mood with the chart below and wrote that the re-acceleration of balance sheet growth “bullish (for) Bitcoin”.

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It is not a perfect chart, but the Argument makes sense

Analysts claim that the purchase of assets by the Central banks, especially in the quantities that we see currently, for Bitcoin, in principle, is positive, regardless of whether there is a correlation or not.
In earlier Reports, Dan Morehead – a Wall, said-Street retailer, has gone to the top one of the first crypto-Fund, Pantera Capital, – in a recent Newsletter:

“When governments increase the quantity of paper money, it takes more paper money to buy things, the fixed amounts, such as stocks and real estate over which you can without increasing the amount of money which would be to. The consequence of this is that you currencies the price of other things, such as Gold, Bitcoin, and other Crypto, in the height of bustle.“

Michael Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital, confirmed this. He said to Bloomberg that BTC had become, in his opinion, to a “Macro-weapon”, because it had the potential to survive the impending economic crisis as a scarce commodity, unlike Fiat money.
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