CEO of Ripple meets with executives of the Central Bank of Brazil

Brad Garlinghouse, ceo of Ripple, recently met with the chief executives of the Central Bank of Brazil.

According to the information published by the Daily Hold, the CEO of Ripple held a videoconference with the president of the entity, Roberto Campos Neto; Otavio Ribeiro Damaso, director of Regulation; and the director of Organization and Resolution of the Financial System, João Manoel Pinho de Mello.

The representatives of the Central Bank of Brazil carried out the video call the 30 of may. There were many details about the reason for the meeting, as it was pointed out that the meeting would be closed for the purpose of discussing institutional matters.

After the meeting with the executives of the agency brazilian, Garlinghouse and other executives attended other virtual meeting privately with Eric Van Miltenburg, senior vice president of Global Operations of Ripple; and Luiz Antonio Sacco, managing director for Latin America of Ripple.

It should be remembered that Ripple opened an office in Brazil in 2019. Breaking News disseminated in July 2019, the explanations of the manager for Latin America of Ripple, Luiz Antonio Sacco, on the way in which the company has been put at the disposal of the banks in the country. The company has offered since then a number of solutions to financial institutions, through their system of payment with cryptocurrencies and its technology-based blockchain.

Increase the popularity of the blockchain in Brazil

The government and the financial institutions that the brazilian has shown a great interest in using systems based on blockchain for the supply of various services in the country. In the year 2018, the bank’s japanese MUFG and Bradesco, the second largest private bank of Brazil, made an alliance for the development of a system of payments cross-border. The payment system would be built with the help of Ripple.

On the 30th of April last Breaking News reported that the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, a decree was signed for the creation of a network blockchain for brazilian companies. The decree established 18 goals, with their respective initiatives, to achieve the digitization of the country’s public services.

On may 28, also made the news that started the implementation of a system based on blockchain for the registration of personal data. The project will be carried out by a process defined as “implantation-assisted”. In addition, the company Dataprev, stated that blockchain will be a focal point to meet several objectives in the 2020.

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