CES 2020 exposes gadgets unique

In the opinion of the author, began one of the events most important technologies of the year, with Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas. Better known as CES 2020, is the event where businesses set the rhythm of the year with their innovations. To begin, we will set out the gadgets more unique and rare that have been presented until now.

The waiter staff that meows: BellaBot

We started CES with one of the gadgets that it can be considered as the evolution of the roomba and a step closer to science fiction. We refer to the BellaBot, being a robot that delivers objects in any part of the scheduled site. Its main function is to deliver food, as would a waiter in the reality. The quality of this product is that it has a face of cat digital, and of course, meowing like a cat of truth. In the video prepared for the CES it can be seen that BellaBot is able to deliver various products, regardless of weight or shape.

Tv rotating Samsung

Continuing with the gadgets, we find one exposed by a titan appellant of the CES. On this occasion, the people from Samsung brought to the exhibition a tv that rotates your screen according to your position. This means that it behaves similar to a phone when you enable the screen rotation. The Sero TV from Samsung is already available in Korea, designed to allow the viewers to stream videos from the vertical and Instagram and TikTok from their phones to the biggest screen in the house.

Bins Smart

It may sound useless, but Knectek Labs wait for your container intelligent to be a success at CES this year, putting an end to the horror that is a bag with a container with leaks. The container of smart technology Townew of the company is sealed automatically, detects the overload and eliminates odors. When a container is full, all you have to do is to hit the front of the can and leaves a sealed bag. Townew even eliminates the hassle of having to put a new pouch, with a function of “reload”, which means that the bags are replaced automatically. This simple idea demonstrates how the technology is evolving every aspect of our day-to-day, whether at work or taking out the trash in the house.


While the CES is not an event that we are not doing coverage, it is a pleasure to expose the news that happen in the same. For this reason, we invite you to leave in the comments if you’d like to read more about the event, highlighting that the scale of cars autonomous even. The following two tabs change content below. I am a student of economics, interested in innovation and technological development, always faithful to that tomorrow will be a better day.

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