Chainlink is announcing a new product on to the authenticity of the dApps check

The Oracle platform, Chainlink announces a Verifiable Randmoness (VRF), and a way to get random numbers is to generate a smart contract. Co-founder, Sergey Nazarov has announced that it is building Consensus: a Distributed. The new feature may sound very abstract, but it has some useful applications.
How does it work? With a smart contract, then sends a seed to the oracle of the Chainlink. It also generates a random number with the help of a Chainlink’s VRF. In this issue, you can send it back to the application. The application can get the number and then, if any label on the basis of the public key of the oracle, and the seed of the application.

The various functions of

One of the functions is to check whether there is no tampering with the distributed application, or dApp. According to Nazarov, an interesting thing: a Lot of the applications are not in a vertrouwensloze manner without arbitrariness.’
But with the VRF, you can also include other things of your random numbers is needed. For example, think of the games that are built as distributed applications. The players of this game can be random items, even though loot drops are called.
If you would like VRF, for example, can be used in order to provide a representative sample of the nodes and the miners. In this sample, you can vote for a change to the protocol and a blockchain. According to the Chainlink, there are plenty of options.

Price of a Chainlink on an upward curve

Since the announcement on the 12th of may, the price of the Chainlink is in an upward trend. The price increase of 3,45 usd 3,90 usd. Or is it that the new product is a matter to be seen. Bitcoin and other cryptomunten in the same period of time, considerably increased in value, it may well be that the Chainlink is also of these effects have benefited.
If you want to read more about VRF? Have a look at the blog posts of the Chainlink.

What is the Chainlink?

Chainlink offers a local solution to help you get the information from the ‘outside’ can be loaded into the smart contract. This is great for a variety of blockchainprojecten, for example, to the Final (decentralized financing). Frequently, you hear about the blockchainprojecten that Chainlink for use with their applications.

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