Chainlink is confusing gold with silver and it works with a different blockchain than the Ethereum – Breaking News

Chainlink for the first time, an oracle to build a different blockchain than that of Ethereum. They are now working together with the blockchainbouwer polka dot. In addition, there is an error in the transmission of the live prices. The gold and silver price have been confused with each other, allowing a smart user to 36,000 dollars of profit they could make.

Polka dot first to the other blockchain

Is the blockchain a project of the polka dot, it is the first time that the Chainlink work with a different blockchain than that of Ethereum, but will likely not be the last. Chainlink offers a oracleoplossingen which, according to the announcement, at least), safe, transparent, and accurate data feeds to be processed in the smart contract.
The notice also states that developers who build in accordance with the protocol of the polka dot, are now able to rely on the oracles of the Chainlink in order to secure access to virtually any external, real-world resource.

To bridge the gap between blockchains

Polka dot is planning to include the decentralized oracles of the Chainlink-to-use parachain technology. Parachain need to bridge the gap between the different blockchains. The oracles of the Chainlink to provide information, including live prijsfeeds, and, according to the announcement, are used to identiteitsgebaseerde of digital signatures.
In the first instance, the Oracle technology will be integrated for the Substrate, and the blockchain framework of the polka dot. Polka dot would be the oracles can also be used for a pilot network of Kusama.
Polka dot has been in existence since 2016, is the brainchild of Ethereum founder Gavin Wood.
In addition, the diversification of blockchainbouwers, focus Chainlink is also integration with a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) -based applications. The oraclenetwerken to be used primarily in order to provide accurate prijsfeeds to pay off the chain’s resources.

Error, Chainlink, it took 36,000 to the dollar

This past Friday, had a Chainlink for the first time, to deal with a serious problem. There was an error with one of the prijsfeeds, so some of the smart users in a short time, around 36,000 to the dollar of profit they could make.

The feed is also registered with the incorrect price of silver to the us dollar (XAG / USD) on Synthetix, a platform for the sale of Ethereum-based DeFi-derivatives, which are prijsfeeds of the Chainlink is used.
Chainlink wrote a sort of review of the error message. They claim that the problem is a result of human activity, and not from the oracle technology. However, the company has provided for losses of the users of Synthetix is to cover the.
She wrote:

It is important that these prijsafwijking as a result of human error, and not oracleprobleem it was. As the result of human error occurred during the improvement of the XAG / USD exchange network by adding extra features to give that an update, requiring the use of the configuration of the smart contract. As a result, they mistakenly submitted a request to have the price of gold (XAU) is in position on the silver price (XAG)

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