Chainlink (LINK below) you can, once again, with a 30 per cent rise in

The success of the Chainlink there’s no limit to the coins reached a record. In this article you will read about the reasons behind the performance of the Chainlink, but how do the graphics yourself? Get a little taste of it, there is a formation that will lead to another increase of 30 per cent.

Good run

But first, a look back, because it was going to be very hard. Here you can see the performance of Chainlink, since the low-point in march, and (expressed in us dollars. Then, you LINK to buy it in the app GAME for a price of 1.34 per piece (by 1.58 dollars). Today was the culmination of a 15 euro (this amounts to € 17.75 dollars) is reached. The price was more than 11 times in the head in march!

A Bull flag is true

Plenty of FOMO, we’re going to have to look at the Chainlink’s course of the week. You are looking at the price since the 5th of August, every candle on the chart represents four hours.

As of the 10th of August it was moving the market price in a bull flag. This is a koersformatie, which usually leads to a significant increase in.

You can recognize a bull flag, like this:

First, the price for a huge move up. That is, it is in the back of the flag (on the left in the diagram).
After that, it moves in the exchange rate between the two trend lines at the bottom.
Breaks down that the price at the top end is off? The increase is as large as the mast of the flag (on the right in the diagram).

Today, it is the target of the bull flag and has just taken off, and, as you can see from the chart above, you can see it.

History will repeat itself

Why is this a bull flag and name, as it had already happened? It may just be that history repeats itself, the price seems to be a new bull flag forming on the chart.

And if that is the case, then the new target 18,25 dollars (21,59 dollars). For the price, then again, with a thirty percent raise!

You can see in the chart below, each candle on the chart represents one hour. The length of the bull flag and is, in fact, be random, and the rate may be also more likely to break out.

What can we do on Chainlink expect.

When the LINK is out of a bull flag, and crack the champagne bottles open. But there are always things to do, so we will consider two scenarios. It can be found in the uurgrafiek below to go back.

A breakout of the bull flag’s target 18,25 dollars (21,59 dollars), and the green line on the chart. This means that chainlink again to an all-time high achieved. Prior to that, you can 14,70 (17,41 dollars), resistance, the orange line on the graph.


However, when the course is 13,55 eur (16,04 dollars), and the red line on the graph. This is similar to the bottom of the bull flag. The next support can be found on the 12,25 euros (14,50 dollars), while the bottom (red line). This was a previous resistance, at the beginning of August.

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