Chainlink (LINK) rises and rises, but investors seem unsure about the jump

Undoubtedly, Chainlink (LINK) in recent weeks and months, one of the most powerful crypto-Assets, similar to Bitcoin.At the time of writing of the on Ethereum-based Altcoin increased in the last 24 hours by 20% and has thus reached a new all-time high of about $ 15.Chainlink is the fifth largest crypto-currency is now, after she has started the year far behind on the ranking of the digital assets.In spite of the parabolic rate of the LINK, there are allegedly some of the investors are “uncertain” about the future of the asset.This information comes courtesy of Santiment, a Blockchain-Analytics company.


Chainlink-investors “uncertain” about bullisher price action: Santiment

Chainlink-investors are supposed to be uncertain, more and more, “” about the multi-month rally of the asset. Santiment, a Blockchain-analysis company, which focuses on the investors ‘ mood, commented on this sentiment in a Tweet from the 12. August:

“$LINK has increased in the last week by a whopping +68,7%. However, we see signs that investors with the continuing rally are increasingly uncertain. The speculative interest has exploded, and we have dealt with some of the signs of the Trendcoin no. 1.“

In support of this sentiment, the company announced three key metrics in terms of LINK. These indicators are as follows:

The deposits of LINK exchanges have reached an all-time high. This suggests that there are a large number of holders of the crypto-currency that are trying to liquidate their Position in the LINK. Earlier peaks in the case of the exchange of deposits for Chainlink have marked previous highs.Also, the number of daily active deposits of the LINK has skyrocketed.The Chainlink metric for the dollars invested average age has started to sink. This was last seen in the vicinity of the all-time highs in February 2020.

It is expected a decline in

With a trace by the LINK of Zeus Capital, a crypto-currency Fund that was in the last few months by the publication of a report famous attributed to the Chainlink to 99%, could fall.

As it says in the last sentence of the notorious report by Zeus Capital:

“Based on our results, we have a Short Position when LINK opens up and recommend you to do the same with a price target of $ 0.07 and a potential price increase of almost 100%”

The company expects that Chainlink will be a failure despite the explosive rate of the LINK. Zeus argues that the “end is nigh” for what they see as a bubble:

“The fully-diluted market capitalization of $LINK already exceeds that of industry leaders such as Dropbox, Western Union and Lufthansa. The user will never pay more than 12 dollars per retrieval. Speculative purchases a textbook example of a bubble are. The end is near.“

On Chainlink nothing to apply appears, however, as the asset has an effort value at the time of writing further and further into the level.

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