Chainlink with all-time high, and 150% Plus

In the last year of the project, Chainlink, and the related ERC20-Token LINK was still the case for many as a secret tip. Because with the concept of Oracle’s Chainlink has created for many the missing link between the block chains and the provision of data from the real world. In addition to the technical aspect of LINK was able to convince especially by its price. This increased this year alone , so that the Chainlink course now has a new all-time high.
We take a look at the recent price developments of the LINK. In addition, we look at the whole market of Altcoins, and the related question of the Altcoin-Season.

LINK-Token, with massive growth since 2018

Already since the beginning of the year, a Trend that we have already long not more seen. Many Altcoins exceed the Performance of Bitcoin significantly. In particular, the Small – and Mid-Cap Altcoins are affected by this phenomenon. One of the leading Token Chainlink or LINK is here. This could alone increase this year by 150 percent.
At the end of last year, we have moved a summary to the lucrative crypto-currencies in 2019. Already here, the LINK was represented on the Front line, after the Chainlink rate in 2019 was able to rise. The price development from 01.01.2018 till 31.12.2019 we can understand in the following Chart:

After Chainlink in the year 2018 as the majority of all crypto-currencies had to reckon with a loss, the share price recovered in the following year. Thus, the price of a LINK-token to be increased from $ 0.30 in the 01.01.2019 to ultimately 1,84 dollars at the end of the year.

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Chainlink rate since the beginning of the year to 150% in the Plus

This year, it looks bullish for the Chainlink rates. As the following Chart shows, was able to LINK his Momentum. Because of the ERC-20 tokens to put in the last 6 weeks and increased from an initial 1.84 to the Dollar to a current level of 4.33 USD. To LINK exceeds its all-time high of last year.

The current Chainlink price Performance is exemplary for a lot of Altcoins. Finally, we want to throw a glance on their Status.

Altcoin-Season is now officially started

Suitable for the fifth Season of which has just reached her Zenith, and is now launched officially in the Altcoin-Season. But what is the Altcoin actually is the “Season start?”.
For this purpose, we use the Definition of the page Their concern is to define the concept of Altcoin-Season now finally on the Basis of Numbers and data. As a data basis, the Top 50 Coins are used. As the analysis period is a continuous time series is used in the last 90 days. We then speak of an Altcoin-Season, if 75% of this Top are increased in all 50 Altcoins to trade some Altcoin/BTC.

In the 1-year Chart we can clearly see, what guess already subjective in the last few weeks read. Many Altcoins rise much faster than BTC and perform these.
We can say that we are now officially on the border of the Altcoin-Season. In Parallel, Altcoins, such as Chainlink rise massively. As it is, the long-awaited Alt-Season.
Welcome to the Altcoin-Season. Are you even invested in Chainlink and what do you think of the project?

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