Changpeng Zhao remembers the beginnings of Bitcoin

As the Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies in general are gaining more and more importance, the crypto world is becoming a much more complex place. What he has provided advantages to those who joined the crypto community in the early years of the same, when the Bitcoins will be sapped easily, and the profits were huge. A time to remember Changpeng Zhao in our Tweet of the day:

Early days of Bitcoin

With a market capitalization of several billions of dollars, and a whole constellation of cryptocurrencies born of Bitcoin. It is difficult to imagine a time in which the crypto market was a site more simple. With only a few hundred users, mostly fans of cryptography, discussing the future of BTC in specialized forums. A time that is being remembered these days, due to the commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the Bitcoin Pizza Day. The day in which a user of BitcoinTalk paid 10.000 BTC, equivalent today to more than $ 94 million, a person that took him two large pizzas to your house. But there are other aspects that remind of the early days of Bitcoin plus transactions of height as well as the purchase of the two pizzas. One of them being the one who remembers Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, via Twitter. To talk about as during the first days of the cryptocurrencies, a person with your browser and your computer’s power, could undermine easily tens of BTC. “Imagine that happened to be carrying a wallet of Bitcoin (which was not even a word) in 2009. Don’t you need more electricity than your browser to mine 50 BTC. Worth 0 at that time. Not even you thought of it. 11 years later, are worth $ 500,000. The move and shake the market.“ As I remember, Changpeng Zhao, the price of Bitcoin has evolved a lot since its inception. Source:


Therefore, it is a good time to see the history of the crypto world into perspective. And realize, as it says Changpeng Zhao, of everything that has advanced Bitcoin since its inception. As well as, all that remains for you to move forward in the years to come, as it is adopted by more and more people.

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