Chilliz creates a solution to Blockchain to get back in football stadiums without risk of contamination

April 21, 2020 by Antoine

Through the “pass of immunity” issued by the government, the football fans could integrate the stadiums to see the matches of their favorite teams following a draft prepared by Chilliz. The development platform structures Blockchain starts to work on a project based on the Blockchain in order to organize these “pass” in order to reduce the impact of the Covid-19 on the sport environment.

A “pass immunity” managed by Blockchain

According to the instructions of government while allowing the sport to return to normal, Chilliz is currently focused on a project of segregation of fans from the technology Blockchain to allow them to return to the stages.
Following the announcement of the company in an official blog, this pass named pass Socios translates into a kind of entrance ticket certifying the immunity of the fan. In depth, the role of the Bockchain focuses on the digital signature of these tickets, knowing that it is a technology of information management is decentralised, transparent, and ultra-fast to process millions or even billions of data.

No data breach

If the designers of the pass Socios seem to be convinced of the relevance of the project for the football world, and even beyond that, some observers are reluctant to provide confidential information to fans.
In this perspective, Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chilliz has said that the goal of the project was to open an opportunity for the soccer fans, stating :

“We don’t want to have access to the data, we will not do it. We connect simply points to allow the security officer in front of a stadium of let you enter. The Blockchain can help to ensure that the information on the people are not changed “

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