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Since it’s been several decades since the birth of the Internet, and this technology continues to transform the world. There does not exist today in day, a single sector that the Internet has not revolutionized. Connecting people from all parts of the planet within the global network. However, this has not always been a harmonious development, as seen in the relationship between China and Ethereum.

The great wall of china digital

In general, we usually think of the Internet as an agent that promotes the communication and dissemination of ideas at the international level. Allowing people in any part of the world, to share knowledge and opinions in just seconds. Becoming, from this point of view, a factor of liberalization. However, things are not so simple. Thus, the Internet not only can you make more free and prosperous our societies. But that can be an instrument in the hands of criminals who threaten our safety. Or even for governments that wish to regulate the content that their inhabitants can be accessed via the web. This would be the case of so-called Great wall of china digital. A firewall designed by the government of this country, to regulate which web sites that can be accessed by their inhabitants. Banning the entry of citizens of the people’s Republic of China to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google or Reddit. In this way, China allows its citizens the income to other types of portals, to keep in touch with the rest of the world in a different way. Promoting scientific exchanges and of the other class. And promotes the creation of local sites to replace those blocked, as WeChat.

China blocks

And now, China would have taken a step further in their blockade of foreign websites. Blocking the finder of blocks within the chain of Ethereum, This is according to information provided by a dedicated page to keep track of the sites blocked by China. This lock would be after the 28 of August of this year, when you could still access normally to the finder. With Ethereum, the first known case of a finder of blocks of cryptocurrencies blocked by China. According to the CEO of But Global Capital, a company dedicated to investments in technology Blockchain: “This is another example of friction between technology decentralized and immutable chain of blocks and the government of China, closely controlled and centralized. We should expect additional problems as these in the future as the chain of blocks are to integrate even more in the economy and the daily life of China.“ In any case, this lock is part of recent attempts by the chinese government for regulating the cryptocurrencies. Including raids against offices of exchanges nascent in Shanghai. And measures to enhance governmental capacities in technology Blockchain. The following two tabs change content below. Student of International Studies, interested in issues of economy and international politics. Passionate about the progress of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in general and the cryptocurrencies in particular.

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