China launches platform Blockchain tea Pu’er

The Yunnan province of china launches a platform of traceability based on Blockchain to determine the quality of the tea Pu er. On June 2, unveiled the platform of traceability Blockchain in the “Launch Conference of New Products of Tea of spring Nest of the Phoenix 2020”, which took place in Kunming, Yunnan.

In this way, by scanning the QR code of the Blockchain in the tea with a mobile phone, you can know many things about the product. As long as you understand the basis of the raw material of the product, the process of production, storage, quality tests, the product’s sales, financial support and other detailed information. You can also verify the authenticity, buy and file complaints.

Why tea is so important in China?

The city of Pu’er is an important birthplace of tea, whose story is accompanied by a deep culture of tea. In recent years, the city of Pu’er has taken famous mountains and teas famous as its input.

Also, promoted constantly building the foundations of high quality, strengthened the construction standard. Also, gave way to well-known brands, has cultivated business leaders and did everything possible to Polish the “golden sign” of the tea Pu er.

In this regard, after the establishment and implementation of the “Ten standards for the tea Pu er” in 2019, the city highlighted the key link in the traceability of origin, the technology Blockchain is deeply integrated and the traceability system.

The tea of Pu’er is one of the most important in China.

How Blockchain will improve the quality?

The platform of traceability Blockchain launches China build a system of “supervision of the quality of the product, sales, financial services of the supply chain” by integrating “a portal, and three terminals” for tea, Pu’er.

Therefore, with Blockchain is done the exchange of data with service platforms and mobile telephony service from the cloud from a mobile phone. In this sense, the integration and the communication to form a closed circuit of information management from the production, circulation, consumption and other links.

Giving insight into the production of the drive chain supplies business integrity, consumption, consumer confidence and services of government oversight.

At present, we have successfully launched 25 products from 25 companies. Consumers can scan the QR code in the Blockchain with the product to log. With it, users can see and understand the basis of the raw material, the production process, the storage. Also, quality testing, sales of products and financial support.

What else brought us to the Conference?

During the Conference, apart from the launch of the platform Blockchain there was also an auction of tea ancient tree in the Phoenix’s Nest. Highlighting that, the next product Phoenix Nest Ancient Tree Spring Tea 2020 integrates technologies “triple anti-counterfeiting”. As the technology of recognition of texture images, the technology anti-counterfeiting special printing of bank bills the chip and encrypted NFC.

The first technology of recognition of texture images, that is to say, the technology of face recognition tea. Combines the unique records of characteristics of the texture of the tea Pu er with the coding of the product and other data to ensure the correspondence only between the cakes of tea, and the digital information from the source.

In this way, the product has a certificate of birth.

The second is the product code + QR code + verification code + NFC chip, through the mutual verification of the verification code and the code of internal flight. To achieve the unification of both codes, and give the identity of the product.

The third is the same technology of special printing of the bank notes. Which uses security paper with watermarks in black-and-white non-fluorescent text and thumbnail in technology, anti-counterfeiting, giving as a result the license of the product.

In this way, the triple anti-counterfeiting and trinidad, using the characteristics of the non-manipulation of the Blockchain, the storage of data and authentication of data, to achieve the unification of the various codes consolidates the required security and authenticity for the sale of the tea.

From the news department to the tea industry, the technology Blockchain is gaining more prominence in the asian country.

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