Chinese companies believe in the blockchain to the economy COVID-19 recover

A survey of the 350 Chinese companies shows that Chinese companies are becoming increasingly interested in the blockchain. The respondents were drawn from ten different industries, including manufacturing, trade, finance, and logistics.

The study is called the “Blockchain, in the post-pandemic age,” and was carried out through the Blockchain-the department of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing and the Internet in Industry and Research institution of Tsinghua University.

According to the study, believes about 70 per cent of the respondents in the potential of the blockchain technology. About 20 per cent of the companies believe that they are more of an investment to deal with the consequences of the crisis and to provide relief.

The companies are saying ‘ yes ‘ to blockchain

Most of the companies believe that the blockchaintechnologie of the country’s economy can continue to help the financial disaster that the corona virus has caused. Several of the examples reviewed in this study: sharing of health information to help improve the efficiency of the supply chain.

One of the respondents said the following:

“One blockchain can be used as a trusted data network among companies. It solves the problem that the centralised databases is not the confidence involving companies, and it solves the problem of confidence of the co-operation between two or more parties.”

The authors of the study say that the blockchain technology as it is considered to be the most effective way to provide disaster relief.

The focus is on the blockchain

The results of the research fits in with the strategy that China uses. At the end of October last year and called on the Chinese president Xi Jinping to the country, to be more to do with the blockchain technology. Xi Jinping called the blockchain, is crucial for the promotion of technological innovation.

The survey shows that a variety of companies to listen and respond to the call. Whether these companies are actually the blockchain to implement, it is not clear, but the intent is there in any case.

At the national level, we are working on blockchaintoepassingen. For example, the development of a Central Bank of Digital Currency (CBDC) is already at an advanced stage. That is, it is a digital currency that is issued by the central bank of China. It CBDC is about to be tested in the vicinity of the capital city of Beijing.

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