Chronicle of a question, announced: what Dad, what is bitcoin?

Key facts:

Samuel is nine years old, studying in fourth grade and is already curious about the first criptomoneda.Know that does not physically exist, it recognizes what is a portfolio cold and what is its purpose.The curiosity of children is a constant enriching and motivating them to learn more about what they hear, see and feel. By nature they want to know the origin and the why of things. So is Samuel, a child of 9 years that does not conform with what we learned in school and shows interest in fields as diverse as science, space, sports, and even bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies.Su family is full of engineers, journalists and teachers who question them, without a hint of doubt, why the year is a leap year? what is the coronavirus? or does dad, what is bitcoin?, questions with various levels of complexity that require attention.”Bitcoin is like a big family that is all over the world, every member has a function for bitcoin are created, for people to be able to send, receive, to be used in a shop, or serve as a saving. All use computers, the internet and electricity so that the transactions are safe and secure, before that snapshot. It is a digital work in concert,” was the illustration more immediate that he could baste his father to respond.Without fully understanding, Samuel listens to the rest of the explanation and is aware that bitcoin does not exist in physical form, but that can be saved in portfolios to cold, resulting in a new question.– Why did I say cold?
– Child portfolios are not cold for the temperature that you have, I say ‘cold’ because they are devices that are used to make the bitcoin more secure and disconnected from the network, are used sporadically to bring or take out bitcoins. Imagine a stick, but instead of save photos, movies or work for the school, store the secret keys of your bitcoin and that you can carry to any part of the world,” added the dad, thinking of what would be the next question.– What if I lose the flash drive with the bitcoin?
– Well son, that’s what are a few words super special that they say words seed. These serve to restore in another portfolio cold the bitcoin that you had in the previous. Those words are that to print them or write them down on paper and keep them in a safe place so as not to lose the savings.– How we can send money to uncle in Chile and even in Colombia?
– Yes, we can send bitcoins to your uncle or your grandma in Chile or in Colombia, it is more, we can send bitcoins anywhere in the world in the amount you want because the system allows it.Thoughtful for the answers, Samuel also examined the cash and coins, which circulate in all the countries. Said to resemble those of their monopoly and that almost always is ruined playing it with his sister Mary Victoria, but that the bank “always have money”. His dad explains to him that one of the rules of that game is that the bank should not be left without money and that if it comes to pass that, the bank has to print new notes.-Can you make more bitcoins if you have just?
– Son, when Satoshi Nakamoto created the Bitcoin was established that the top that can exist is 21 million BTC, can not create more bitcoins, all days are created hundreds of BTC are already in circulation more than 18 million.Samuel knows that his dad earns a living as a journalist covering what is happening with bitcoin. Every time you are in the house and sees writing on the criptomoneda, asked permission to write a word of your text on the computer, what motivates him to continue learning not only about its basic fundamentals, but also about the latest developments related to regulations, technology and prices.After the long conversation, the father says to Samuel that there are children’s books and stories adapted that explain what it is about bitcoin. “Compralos”, released excited the child who attends fourth grade. One of the stories that you mentioned is “Money” Bitcoin: A story about Bitville discovering the good money” and the other is the children’s book “B is for Bitcoin”, a collection of words from a To Z with meanings in the world of cryptocurrencies.The literature on bitcoin is broad and encompasses diverse genres such as fiction, short stories, or illustrations addressed to the children in the audience, but there are also the classic books that any bitcoiner can have in your library as “let’s Invent Bitcoin”, “The Little Book of Bitcoin” or “Mastering Bitcoin” by Andreas Antonopoulos that want to multiply the knowledge about the new form of money.The experience of Samuel with his father shows that bitcoin can awaken interest at an early age, that there is already literature available to encourage learning in children and that even though it is a topic that involves legal technicalities, economic theories, politics and technology, it can introduce the smallest of the house with the proper dosage and always illustrating the topic in a user friendly manner for better understanding.

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