Chronicle of the quarantine: I want to pay my delivery food with bitcoin

As a good venezuelan, Milena knows that save bolivars is financial suicide. The 2019 closed with an accumulated inflation of 7.374,4%, according to the Finance Commission of the Parliament and the country’s economy has continued to plummet in 2020, especially now, since the coronavirus announced his arrival. To protect yourself from hyperinflation, this mirandina, a good day decided to take refuge in bitcoin, something that he did according to the advice of his sister, which has thankful now that things are complicated with the quarantine.Years ago, and that things are pretty insane in Venezuela, the poor government management caused the stampede of multinationals. Many collapsed under the weight of the local economy and the controls imposed by the government. Food production in the country is the soil, and from ten years ago, venezuelans struggle with shortages, which even has generated allegations of humanitarian crisis.Before the quarantine, to cover the livelihood of her and her two children, Milena, put into practice his skills as an accountant; he estimated how much was required to make your purchases and then resorted to a platform P2P to change your funds in bitcoin for bolivars. As with your portion of the bolivars in your account, she knows that you can’t leave it for tomorrow, every minute that passes, the national currency disintegrates. So, that same day, make their purchases, although that represents the herculean task of visiting at least five different sites and distant to acquire what you require. To get what their children need to grow up healthy, deserves any effort.The venezuelan Milena is preparing to overcome new obstacles that arise in your country with the quarantined by a coronavirus. Source: pixabay.comTras seven days in quarantine, Milena discovered that their supplies were depleted, but she was refusing to leave. Miranda, the area where you live, the majority of the cases that have tested positive in Venezuela. Already 113 cases, of which two have died; and next to the virus, fear is spread through the streets. Until the business of foods that are in the area decided to close.To complicate things further, the irregular distribution of gasoline which for a time prevents the population to take fuel, has begun to sharpen. Most of the service stations are closed and the few that are providing the fuel, they will look crowded, with huge lines that complicate even more the life of the citizens.To leave the house to buy the supplies as you normally did, is not an option for Milena. I am terrified to leave their children alone. The petrol tank of your vehicle is almost empty. Walk the streets, visit shops and enter in contact with many people in the area with the highest number of cases, is not an option that she sees as viable in these times. So, your solution is to look for services of delivery of food to replenish your pantry.Get a service delivery that accept payments in bitcoin in full quarantine, is your priority for a variety of reasons. First, because it will save you the work of making the change of bitcoin to venezuelan bolivars, which although it is very economic, any portion of the resources remains in the change, and as things are, be able to save you the most money, is the best alternative. Then, there is the fact of paying with the greatest distance possible, the cash and credit or debit cards, is synonymous with bacteria, so that you know to pay with cryptocurrencies, the system is more aseptic than there is to the circumstances.Added the task in your list of daily chores, so it took at least ten minutes between each of their occupations (remote work, schoolwork, housework), to request information from multiple businesses that have delivery service in Caracas, Venezuela’s capital.-Do you accept payments with cryptocurrencies?, wondered time and time again.-Sorry, we do not have that platform, she responded the most. Whereas, other listed forms of payment, many prefer dollars in cash, bank transfers, Zelle or PayPal.For the delivery service, receive bitcoin would represent a new business segment. Image by NomadSoul1 / elements-envato.comOcasionalmente, after receiving a “no” as an answer, Milena repreguntaba: what would allow me to explain how easy it is to receive payments with bitcoin, and how much that can help us now that we are in quarantine? Some left the message in seen, and there was even one who said: sorry, we already know everything we need to know of the cryptocurrencies.Milena took a full week to desist from the idea of paying your market with bitcoin in full quarantine. Then, contact at least 40 establishments that offer the service of home delivery, with sadness he realized that the merchants of the country are nocoiners. I would have loved to be a power for everyone to hear, and to tell you about the benefits of accepting payments with bitcoin, especially when you live in a country like Venezuela, because the main criptomoneda there is a financial institution that regulates and interface the transactions are made user to user, and at the same time, you protect yourself from hyperinflation, in addition to other benefits.Milena does not have left more remedy than to request aid to a neighbor who still had half a tank of gas in your vehicle to, together go to buy food. He gave up the option of a delivery when he observed that the same had to resort to some five or six businesses to acquire what they needed. So, taking into account that the delivery is expensive, it will spend three times more than what is required to go shopping.While I was doing the route-setting in the establishment, told him his journey to his neighbor, and from that conversation the idea came together, to summon the entrepreneurs of Caracas to get to know a little of cryptocurrencies in small virtual lectures that will begin to dictate the social media for the duration of the quarantine.Already agreed on the key points in which they think the guidance of entrepreneurs and traders that join the conversations. The key points revolve around who is currently in Venezuela, many have cryptocurrencies. The local market of bitcoin broke a record on April 17 of last year, when it reached a value of a million dollars just that day. Venezuela has occupied the second place in the world in volume of activity on LocalBitcoins, after Russia. The data are considerable, especially for a country that has been in recession since five years ago and whose economy shrank 18 percent in 2018.Also, talk about the fact that to mention the word criptomoneda in Venezuela, does not always mean that you’re talking about the petro as many believe due to ignorance, something that you think demystify.On the other hand, are aware that it is possible that as the population discover that most products and services can be paid for with bitcoin, and how easy that is, especially in adverse situations such as quarantine; the more customers you will motivate and discover the practicality of its use. In addition, Milena and his neighbor, believes that it is necessary that the merchants of Venezuela to know that sites like CoinMap, SpendBitcoins, BitcoinSearchEngine and others, provide listings of the services that accept payment with the criptomoneda, as always is the one who seeks these establishments, so that the free advertising, is also guaranteed, among other benefits.In his book, Milena added an additional point, and that is the advantage of the use of bitcoins for merchants is that it is not necessary to install a system of electronic commerce which is costly, or pay a commission, as in services of intermediaries such as PayPal.

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