Circle launches an API dedicated to the support of stablecoins

Circle announces itself as a major player in the adoption of crypto-currencies. And for good reason, the financial company has deployed an API that allows enterprises to support the payments stablecoins.

A tool dedicated to the stablecoin

Circle has formalized his latest project focuses on the crypto-currencies with the release of an API dedicated to the stablecoin. This new computer tool will allow businesses to accept payments in USDC from their customers without going through a conversion process.
Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle, which would allow businesses to connect more easily to infrastructure traditional bank payments in USDC.

“With the API Circle, any company of financial technology who wish to integrate the USDC and have the ability to store it and keep it, and integrate it into a product, will be able to do,” says the CEO of Circle.

Via the new API, businesses can convert more easily to the USDC in dollars, and vice versa, without going through currency exchange services are conventional.

The decadence of Circle

Activities Circle would not in good shape lately. In fact, in recent months, the company has sold its platform to Poloniex, a subsidiary that it would be acquired by 2018. In the meantime, the Circle would have put an end to the activities of its payment application Circle Pay. Some sources allege that Circle would also be on the verge of yielding its branch investment SeedInvest to institutional buyers.
The company has also seen its membership plummeting dramatically, from a peak of 300 employees beginning 2019 to about 125 in January 2020. For the future, the Circle has the intent to announce new products related to the stablecoin.
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