Civil: The platform of media decentralized closes its doors

Civil, the platform Blockchain that advocates for a free press and ethics, has not been able to register its activities in the long term. Because they have accumulated enough capital from investors, Civil announces its impending closure.

Civilian stopped its activities

Civil had a vision to ” create an alternative model which is the basis of journalism and the dissemination of information to the citizens “. The platform is deployed on the Blockchain Ethereum allows readers to financially support the work of journalists who publish articles to be reliable and consistent with the requirements of transparency of Civil.

However, the co-founder Matthew Islands has announced the closure of CIVIL, citing reasons of financial.

“It is with a heavy heart that I announce the end of Civil “, stressed the officer.

Despite the support colossal and ConsenSys, which has awarded approximately $ 5 million in 2017, the project fails to fund its activities over the long term. Civil has also failed to gather the necessary sum of $ 8 million on the sale of its token CVL. In February 2019, the platform will renew the experience of putting on sale 34 million of CVL, but can’t seem to achieve their financial goal.

A rewarding experience

Despite the closure, many journalists remain grateful for the experience with the platform Blockchain Civil.

“A civilian has been a great first step towards the realization of the promise of a technology Blockchain fully distributed, as a guarantee of the freedom of the press and rights of expression. I am very grateful to Matthew Iles, Joe Lubin, and to all the world in Civil and Consensys “, thanked Maria Bustillos, editor-in-chief of the People.

The media People had received a grant from Civil, and has used its tools Blockchain to post articles on Ethereum. In regards to their future project, the team in charge of CIVIL has announced that it wants to invest in other solutions Blockchain in the coming months.

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