CME Group is the third-largest exchange futures

In recent years, futures contracts on Bitcoin have been gaining in importance for the crypto market. Constituting in the present, the greater part of the volume of transactions carried out with related instruments crypto assets. And within this sector, there is a group of exchanges that maintain the leadership. Becoming known on the day of today one of the most well-known, CME Group, is the third-largest exchange futures on Bitcoin.

The importance of the future contracts on Bitcoin

Many people, when they begin to participate in the crypto market, they think that the only way to operate with cryptocurrencies is by buying and selling them directly on an exchange. And although this is an important method to generate profits within the crypto world, what is true is that it is not by far the only, nor the most efficient.

As well, there are a multitude of different tools with which you can start to invest in cryptocurrencies. Going from tokens leveraged, to future contracts on a virtual currency. Gaining in recent times futures crypto assets a huge importance for the market. Allowing thousands of investors to participate in the same, without the need to purchase and manage cryptocurrencies directly.

And is that, unlike the purchase-sale of cryptocurrencies directly in an exchange. With the future contracts on Bitcoin offered by companies such as Binance or CME Group, which we acquired is a promise of purchase or sale of a criptoactivo at a particular time in the future. Not leading to ever see, in most cases, the criptomoneda in question, by exchanging only the money according to its value in the market.

The future of CME Group

Thanks to this, the future contracts on Bitcoin are one of the favorite products for investors. Making this sector of the market, one that is extremely competitive, with dozens of companies offering their own contracts in the future on BTC. Including several of the platforms and exchange biggest in the world, as is the case of Binance and CME Group.

In this way, for the day on Thursday of this week, the open positions in the exchange futures and CME Group amounted to 800 million dollars. An increase of over 120% from the measurement made in July of the year 2019, when future on Bitcoin open at the CME barely reached the figure of $ 364 million in total.

CME Group is the third-largest exchange futures on Bitcoin. Source: Skew

With this, CME Group’s position as the third largest exchange for future contracts on Bitcoin in the entire world. Representing 15% of all open positions in instruments of this type. Being only surpassed by the exchanges OKEx and Binance, with 23 per cent and 18.6 per cent of the market respectively.

This would be a major change in the landscape of the futures market on Bitcoin. Then, just a month ago, CME Group occupied the fifth place among the exchanges of instruments of this type, with only 12% of the market. However, since then the company has improved its position, thanks to the momentum generated by the growing interest of investors and institutions in the cryptocurrencies.

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