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Coca Cola wide project Blockchain for a network of supplies of $ 21 billion

The signature of YOU behind the processes of the supply chain of manufacture of bottles of Coca-Cola seems to be testing the technology blockchain. A report from Business Insider today revealed that Coke One North America (CONA), the technology company that manages IT operations for the bottling of the giant soda, you are using a solution to blockchain developed by the software firm German SAP to manage its supply chain. As noted in the report, CONA given a platform to oversee multiple franchises that are manufactured, bottled and shipped each day, about 160,000 orders of Coca-Cola products. With blockchain, CONA is expected to reduce the duration of the reconciliation of orders for 50 days just a few days. A ledger distributed transparent and between organizations, will provide real-time information on transactions conducted by all of the different bottlers in the network, which generates more than $ 21 billion in revenue per year.

Survey of Ron Paul reveals that Bitcoin is preferred as an asset of long-term investment

Almost 60% of 70,000 people would take up Bitcoin (BTC) on fiat currency as a long-term investment. That was according to a new survey conducted on November 4 by Ron Paul, former congressman from Texas who became known for his proactive stance in the criptomoneda. As part of a regular series of surveys, Paul asked Twitter users about their investment preferences, with a value of $ 10,000, given out as a lump sum and untouchable for ten years.

Up to now, more than 67,000 responses, Bitcoin is easily the most popular choice, with 58% of the votes. The second in the line is the gold, with 33%, while the fiat currency in the form of currency notes in u.s. dollars is being dragged only by 2%.

BitMEX says how to help the issue of privacy of e-mail

BitMEX says that its internal processes “failed” last week, exposing later to thousands of customers of the exchange to privacy risks. In a posting on his blog, the exchange of crypto derivatives said that his operation of bulk e-mail failed, which caused that “the majority of the users of BitMEX” had their email addresses exposed publicly through a carbon copy (CC) on the 1st of November. The provider of data Skew says that BitMEX has about 22,000 daily users although the amount of e-mail addresses exposed is likely to be greater. With the main e-mail servers impose restrictions on the mass e-mail, the company said: “To remedy this, we created an internal system to handle the processing, translation, staging, and shipping for the parts needed (so as not to generate speed limits) of important email”. Ensure that the team is working 24 hours to protect the security of your account and make sure to return to the course.

President of Turkey ordered end of test Lb digital in 2020

The president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, ordered the government to finish testing the digital currency by the national central bank (CBDC) in 2020. The lira-based digital blockchain a national of the country is planned to be issued by the Central Bank in accordance with the Presidential Programme Annual 2020. The Presidential Programme specifies that the first tests of the lira digital should be carried out and completed to the end of 2020, according to a document published yesterday. According to reports, the government plans to develop a software platform for instant payments based on the lira-digital. Along with the central bank, the project also will involve the national agency of technological innovation: the Council of Scientific and Technological Research of Turkey, also known as TUBITAK. The following two tabs change content below. Venezuelan, student of the last semester of Social Communication. Attracted by the new technologies and the development that they offer to humanity.

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